Wine and tapas same time

Wine and tapas same time . A way to drink and enjoy at the same time.
Many of us like to taste a wine in the morning or before dinner.
But if we do it with something to eat (tapa), it seems that we feel much more like drinking.
Both go together before lunch and before dinner.

Wine and tapas same time.

The so-called tapas wines are those that, because of their characteristics, are better suited to a light and sparse meal. wine and tapas. same time
They can be red, white or pink, sweet or dry. All are valid for tapas.
Dismissing the areas, customs vary to take wine with the lid.
Going from tapas is always a good time to taste different wines, or just drink wine.
The wine in the tapas is almost always standing up, why go for wines and tapas, is to go from one place to another trying wines and tapas.
In each place of Spain there are the routes or zones of taking wines and tapas (the tapas).
If you have the opportunity to know these routes we recommend it, do not disappoint.

The wine and the tapas

The lid is a culinary piece of extraordinary taste and small dimensions, which accompanies a drink before having lunch or dinner.
Small amounts of food served in bars to accompany the drink are popularly known as tapas
It has become an identity in Spain, and is preferably done on weekends.
Not always the tapas are made with wine, it can also be made with other alcoholic beverages and even non-alcoholic drinks.
The covers, can be anything we can imagine.

Conclusion. wine and tapas same time

Going for wines and tapas is a very healthy practice, which in addition to enjoying the drink and the food, you enjoy the company that you share with us whether friends or family.
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