What we have to take into account when giving a wine

What we should take into account when giving a wine, if we really want to make a good gift and look good.
Wine is a product that always like to receive as a gift. Therefore, it gives us the peace of mind to be able to guess if we decide to give it away.
It can be used to give to friends, as well as to relatives.

when giving a wine

What we should keep in mind when giving a wine

But to avoid mistakes, we must take into account the following steps:

For who is

If the wine is for a friend, and we know its tastes in the matter of wine, we have it relatively easy.
The wine that is given away must be closely linked to the tastes of the person who receives it.
If we do not know their tastes, but we have closeness with a family member or common friend, we can ask them.

The tastes

We can also try to find out your tastes in terms of type of wine, grapes, etc.
In case the recipient is a co-worker, or someone known in a temporary way, but with whom we should be grateful for some detail, the simplest thing is to ask people close to the recipient of the gift, to be able to guess as much as possible.
If the person who is going to receive it is not a habitual wine consumer, but an occasional one, we should opt for known wines where the mere presence of the name already leaves its mark.
Therefore, a fundamental factor to give a wine, is to know as much as possible of the person who will receive it.

The price

Obviously, the price of a bottle of wine and our possibilities to buy, condition our choice when giving a wine.
But the price also influences, in the type of gift or celebration for which we give away the wine.
It is not the same gift a bottle of wine for a meal with friends, that to celebrate the wedding anniversary of a marriage.
Depending on the type of celebration, the price of the wine bottle must be higher or lower.

The flavor type

Not only the flavor of the wine influences the gift, but also the tastes of the tastes of the person who receives the wine.
Thus, for lovers of fish or seafood, we must choose a white wine before a red wine.
If the recipient likes the wines of a particular grape or certain flavor of the wines, we should pay attention to the flavors.It is also important to take into account the type of food that will be made.

If the gift of wine is for a celebration or specific meal.
Therefore, the flavors influence when choosing a wine to give as a gift.

The Location

The different areas or wine-producing regions have a significant influence on the choice of a gift wine.
There are people, with tastes very marked by the wines of a certain area.
If we know it, the choice is very easy.

The design

Modern wines tend to have modern and different labels, and sometimes very attractive bottles.
If we want to make an impact with the gift, and make a classic gift like wine. Something shocking, we will choose to look for attractive and impactful designs.

The presentation

when giving a wine

The presentation of the gift of a bottle of wine can not be overlooked. Presenting a wine in its case and wrapped, impacts much more.
If the wine does not have its own box, we can find one.
Or simply wrap the bottle with a nice paper, and put an ornament of a ribbon on the outside, so that the gift is more attractive.


Sometimes the gift has to do with a significant date. In these cases look for a wine of the year of that date.
That is something that the person who receives it appreciates the detail.
Other times the significance is given, by the region, age, or a specific place.
Matching some of the aspects of wine with that meaning will always help us look good with the gift.


Knowing the recipient and their tastes is something important, to choose which wine to give. But the factors of price, design, or significance, must be carefully chosen, in order to obtain full satisfaction when it comes to gift wine.

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