The neck of the bottle

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The neck of the bottle. The first thing we will do is define the word gollete, its meaning.
It is defined to the top and front. In the bottles is the narrowest part of the bottles.
In the world of wine, is the top part of the bottle, usually thicker to prevent the pressure of the cork from breaking the glass bottle.

The neck of the bottle

The neck of the bottle

Has two functions:
As we have said before, it is thicker to prevent the pressure of the cork from breaking the bottle.
The second is to be able to cut the capsule below the neck, thus avoiding the contact of the wine with the capsule.
We must also remember that the neck serves as a point of support when uncorking a bottle of wine. It is the part of the bottle where we support the traditional corkscrew.


The neck of the bottle

Currently  can be located in two different parts of the bottle.
The traditional location is that which leaves a little glass between the mouth of the bottle and the neck.
The second form is the one that places the neck on the very edge of the bottle. In this location we can not cut the capsule before the neck, so we have to make the cut of the capsule just below .


The word gollete comes from the French goulet, which means: narrow passage.
At first, glass plugs were used, which were placed with emery powder and oil. Later they were held with a rope around.

The shape of the neck has its origin in that stage, because it was the place where the rope was held.

Parts of the wine bottle

• Head: upper area through which the wine is opened and served. This part contains a thicker contour that surrounds the mouth that is called “neck” and whose purpose is to prevent the pressure of the cork can break it.
• Neck: part on the shoulder. You can vary its length and diameter.
– Shoulders: area where the bottle begins to widen
* Body: Central part of the bottle
Background: also known as chopped. It is the final part of the bottle


We ended up leaving another definition :
It is the projection of the bottle. In it is the ring.
The neck is the upper part that helps us detect the correct opening point of a wine and prevents the pressure of the cork from damaging it.
We can conclude that we already know what it is and what it is for.

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