Tips for building a winery in your own home

Tips for building a winery in your own home. To all those who are wine lovers and want to have organized the bottles that are.
First of all, we must first of all know that the bottles should have a slight downward inclination, it is highly recommended.
This idea is more and more common among wine lovers.

find a cool place to keep your wines

Construction of a Winery

For the construction of a warehouse, we have to take into account:
Choose Place: It is very important the place where we are going to install the bottles. It should be a cool place, and in low light, ventilated and without vibrations.
Position of the bottle: it is advisable that the bottle is inclined, so that the wine is in contact with the cork.
The temperature: depending on the type of wine (white or red), we must maintain an ideal temperature. For reds between 15º to 17º, and for whites between 6º and 10º.
Humidity: important for the cork to perfectly perform its function of preventing air from entering the bottle. If the humidity is very low (dry), or very high, the cork can rot and stop doing its function.

If we observe that at home we do not have a space that meets the above requirements, we must at least try to meet most of those requirements.
But if in our house it is impossible to have a suitable space, try to keep the bottle in a piece of furniture where it does not give the light.

Considerations. Tips for building a winery in your own home

In the construction of our own winery, we have to consider
Own style: it should be personal and identify us immediately.
Number of bottles: there is no number of bottles that must compose our cellar. To begin with, it should be between 18 and 25 bottles, which are enlarged according to the possibilities of each.
• Composition: must contain both white and red wines, to be able to select on each occasion and in each type of food.

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