The Syrah grape, its history and main characteristics.

The Syrah grape, its history and main characteristics, are analyzed in this article.
We will start by saying that this grape is an ink grape that is used to make red wines and that is produced worldwide.
This grape is also known by the name of Shyraz


The Syrah grape, its history and main features

Story of the Syrah grape

There are many theories that attribute different origins to this grape
It is said that this grape comes from the south of France, descended from 2 grapes. Others argue that its origin is Jordanian, and others that its origin is embedded in the Persian city of Shiraz.
The truth is that its origin and origin is not clear at all. But do not confuse this grape with Petite Sirah, which is a very different grape variety than the one we are commenting on.
Nowadays it is the main grape from the north of Rodano, where it is associated with the classic Hermitage, Cornas and Côte-Rôtier wines where it is mixed with the grenache.

Characteristics of the Syrah grape

It is an easy to grow grape variety. It requires sun, and high temperatures. However, it adapts to the different characteristics of the terrain and climate.
It is a grape that provides structure and color to wines, and is often used in many elaborations. Mainly in collaboration with the Garnacha grape.
Its clusters are medium and compact. Its berries are very uniform.
The strains of this grape variety are erect and vigorous.
Maturation is early. And their grains are usually rather small or medium.
Its flavors are very varied, depending largely on the land and the climate where it is grown.

The wines of Syrah 

They produce wines with a lot of flavor and good body.
At sight the musts have a bright and very dark red color. They are wines with a very soft tannin content. Its acidity is relative.
They produce wines of very good quality and high alcohol content.
Its aromas are usually ripe fruit.

Wine styles where the syrah grape is used

It is usually used in the manufacture of rosé wines, Porto-style wines and sparkling wines.
The wines made with this grape, usually improve over time in the bottle, and can extend its consumption life up to 15 years.
Syrah wine is widely used in coupages with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
It is ideal for the elaboration of varietal reds with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Therefore, the use of this grape can produce wines with infinite flavors and aromas.


The Syrah grape is one of the great grapes used in the world for winemaking.
Fruity, bruised and tannins that ripen perfectly to give rise to fleshy wines, enjoy and pass through elegant and silky mouth.
Syrah grape wines are high-grade bruised wines, and very good for aging.
They are very popular wines throughout the world, for their aroma, color and ease of drinking.

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