The Queen of Albariño awarded Order of Knights of Wine

The Queen of Albariño awarded Order of Knights of Wine. The Foundation, created in 1984 by “Wines from Spain” of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain.
Located in London, each year this institution “puts in solfa” two new characters.
Elected by secret ballot, recognizing and highlighting their work in the promotion of Spanish wines in the United Kingdom.

The Queen of Albariño awarded Order of Knights of Wine

This year the title of Knight of the Wine of the Great Order of Knights of Wine (GOCV):
It has been for the Aragonese of origin and Pontevedra adoption:
Marisol Well, this woman has contributed with her work since her presidency for more than 21 years of the Albariño Designation of Origin.

For the dissemination of the Albariño variety in the English market. The second most important for Spanish wine in the European Union, which is made through Pazo de Señorans, of which it is the owner and founder.

This wine grower since 1979, known as the “Gran Dama del Albariño”. He has dedicated all his time and effort to the Pazo de Señorans winery. Quality reference and pioneer in the avant-garde wines of the Rías Baixas.

Marisol Bueno Berrio-Ategortúa was born in Zaragoza, from a Basque mother. His father, military doctor, was stationed in Pontevedra and there ended up establishing the Bueno family.
In that city, the same one that, according to the saying, “gives drink to whoever passes by”.

The owner of this Galician winery, which is so emblematic in the wine world of this Community, became an adopted Galician.

Pazo de Señorans (, is a beautiful property in the municipality of Meis (Pontevedra), presided over by a 16th century manor house surrounded by eight hectares of vineyards.

This is a project promoted in its day by Marisol Bueno and her husband, the prestigious rheumatologist Javier Mareque Abada, who dedicates his production to making the best Albariño grape whites.

The trajectory of this winery was consolidated in 1989 with the quality and floral character of its Pazo de Señorans.

From the 1995 harvest, Selección de Añada emerged, a target of great expression that has since made a great contribution to the family winery.



Born in the DO Rías Baixas in the 80s.
The winery offers quality albariños from one of the noblest Spanish varieties.

The traditional and respectful methods with the product are what define Pazo de Señorans. Always keeping the peculiarities of the grape in the freshness of its wines.
Facts that have been recognized by national and international critics, giving great ratings in competitions around the world.
The Albariño grape is one of the great white wines of the world.
Thanks to its aromatic medium-high and its great structure and is distinguished by its aging capacity.
In fact, one of the first irrefutable proofs of the longevity of Albariño grape the white top. PAZO SEÑORÁNS SELECTION OF AÑADA, which premiered with the 1995 vintage.
The wine came onto the market with fourteen months of aging in stainless steel tanks with its lees, something totally unheard of at the time.


To make the Vintage Selection, the most unique vineyard of the Señoráns estate, known as Los Bancales, was chosen for the terraced area in which it is located.

Very airy, with low planting density and lower yields than usual in the area. Perhaps the most characteristic is the soil, of pure granite and with little organic matter.
In the 1996 vintage the breeding time was extended to twenty-seven months.
Since then it has moved around thirty months (even reaching thirty-eight in the 2001 harvest).

The current vintage of the Vintage Selection, in the market since last summer, has been aged for more than thirty months. In stainless steel tanks and a minimum of one year in the bottle before going on the market.

In the end, the total aging time is comparable to that of many large reserves of other denominations of origin, which so much veneration awaken lately among fans.
The wine, which is still a baby, offers a fruit with a lot of relief.

Certain syrupy notes that will evolve over time with candied touches. Spices, dried herbs and hydrocarbon notes as often happens with riesling.

Although, despite old legends, it is already proven that there is no kinship between both varieties.

The Selection is a wine with a marked and voluminous character on the palate. Only about twelve thousand-eighteen thousand bottles are made.

Written by Angel Marques de Avila-gastronomic journalist


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