The Prince Charming Blue Frizzante Verdejo wine

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The Prince Azul Frizzante Verdejo wine, as its name suggests, is a blue wine, made with partially fermented Verdejo grapes. But really it is a blue wine.
In most cases the blue wine is a white wine, colored with a natural substance, called anthocyanins. It can also be obtained if you add a chemical called indigocin
This substance anthocyanin, is found in the skins of red grapes and in some fruits such as blackberries, plums or blueberries.
Blue wines can also be obtained from rosé wines, or red wines, although it is normal to obtain white wines, usually dry.








The Prince Charming Wine Frizzante Verdejo

Characteristics of the wine

This wine  The Prince Azul Frizzante Verdejo,  like all white Verdejos has a tropical fruit flavor.
It is a soft and very pleasant wine thanks to its carbonic touch. Its aroma is tropical and with a touch of floral notes.
In view it has a bright blue color, very attractive to take at night in summer.
Its content in alcohol is very low (7º), reason why its consumption in summer is very pleasant.

The elaboration

It is harvested at night to preserve all the properties of the green grape.
In this way the oxidation of the grape due to the effect of the sun is avoided.
The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at low temperature. To avoid refermentations, it stops at 7º and remains cold. Thus, by joining the traditional vintage, with the new nocturnal collection techniques, the grape has a higher quality.
The coloring is done just before bottling with bright blue dye.

The wine pairing

Is ideal to take as an appetizer, with ham, jerky and cheeses. It also goes well with all kinds of vegetables and rice.
It must be consumed very cold at a temperature around 3º-5º maximum.
Can be used to make cocktails with vermouth or with gin.

The winery. The Prince Charming Blue Frizzante Verdejo wine

It is made by the Reina de Castilla winery made up of several winemakers, who practice the traditional vintage, carried out by their ancestors several generations ago.
The winery has an annual capacity of more than two million liters of production.
Building of the winery is elegant and functional and fully reflects the evolution experienced between tradition and the new techniques of the winery.The Prince Azul Frizzante Verdejo wine

The vineyards

Composed by strains more than 20 years old, they provide mature and mature grapes.
They are small and large family vineyards with a long tradition.
They currently have 223 hectares of own vineyards.
The land of these vineyards is characterized by the surface of pebbles, permeable soils and clay subsoils.
They are gravel lands, which favor aeration and drainage.


The Prince Azul Frizzante verdejo wine is a commitment to innovation, traditionally made with quality grapes, in an attempt to take the wine further, and go according to fashion trends.

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