Reasons to drink wine in Bag in Box.Lee and you will know.

Drink wine in Bag in Box. This system of storing wine is quickly gaining ground on the market.
The reason is the ease of storing a large quantity of wine, its transportation and the price.

Reasons to drink wine in Bag in Box.

In recent times we have heard a lot about the “bag in box”.
But we know it is:

What is the Bag in Box?

It consists of a new formula for packaging liquids, which is also being introduced in the wine sector very efficiently.
Thanks to the advances we have in preserving all kinds of products and liquids, and that wine (except cases) does not carry carbon dioxide (these products require different containers), we can store them in all types of containers.

Reasons to drink wine in Bag in Box

1.-Storage capacity: 5 or 15 liters normally
2.-Easy transport
3.- Fewer breakages
4.-Continuous consumption facility (built-in faucet)
5.-It is a disposable product
6.-Most economical price.
All this, we can enjoy a product of quality (wine), at a very interesting price, just to be packaged in a different system.

And the Quality

The quality of the products packaged in this Bag in Box system is exactly the same.

The difference is in the packaging, not the consumable product.
Until now, we were accustomed to the glass bottle, as a system of presentation and storage of wine.
The glass had qualities of maintenance of the properties of the wines that made it unique.
With the passage of time, and the discovery of new materials, circumstances have changed and now these properties are achieved in different types of packaging and materials.
We live a world of constant and continuous evolution, and the mute of wine and its packaging is no exception.
The Bag in Box is slowly opening its way in our sector, this is a reality that we can not deny, and as long as we are able to accept it, will occupy a place in the system of packaging and distribution of our wines.

Conclusion. Drink wine in Box

It is not a substitute system, but an alternative to wine consumption.
You can consult the bag in box and its prices in our page:



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