Pagos de Araiz wines with supreme quality

Pagos de Araiz wines with supreme quality. Bodegas Masaveu, belonging to the Corporación Masaveu business group, was born in 1974 when this family acquired Bodegas Murua in the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin.

Pagos de Araiz wines with supreme quality


Pagos de Araiz wines with supreme quality

In the beginning, this winery made wine privately as a result of the passion of this family and its connection with the wine world. But later it was decided to go for marketing, remodeling and adapting the winery and promoting it to the highest quality standards with the production of excellent wines. Thus begins an adventure that has grown until today it is present in different parts and regions of the country: Murua (DOCa Rioja), Fillaboa (DO Rías Baixas), Pagos de Araiz (DO Navarra), Leda (Vino de la Tierra of Castilla y León) and Valverán (Asturias). In these areas, Masaveu Bodegas produces white, rosé and red wines of different varieties and characteristics. It also creates an innovative product, but with traditional roots, such as ice cider.

The history

Pagos de Araiz wines with supreme quality

Despite starting in the seventies with the wineries, the passion of this saga for wine and the vineyard is appreciated much earlier. Already in the mid-19th century the family owned vineyard plantations in Castellar del Vallés, where Federico Masaveu Rivell was from.

In this area of the province of Barcelona, the steps began that a century later would be continued by their descendants from the north of Spain. Specifically Asturias, where this family ended up settling. Over the years, a group of companies in different sectors and businesses were forged: Corporación Masaveu.

It is in 1998 when the baton of the wineries is taken over by José Masaveu Herrero, he organizes, restructures and begins to professionalize the group of wineries. Once again, the passion and value that wine represents are what leads the Masaveu family to one of its members dedicating body and soul to the wineries to this day.

Exquisite Quality

Bodegas Murua, has at its disposal a total of 51 plots of different varieties that make up the more than 80 hectares. Located in the Rioja Alavesa (Elciego, Laguardia, Villabuena de Álava, Leza, Lanciego and Navaridas).

Estate that surrounds the winery is divided into 8 plots planted with different varieties: with nuances such as orientation, solar exposure of the clusters, terroir, etc.

The best results are achieved with each type of grape, in which the yield of the vineyard is very low and the level of self-demand is very high.

Team has very clear goals and puts all our human and technological resources at the service of a single objective: constant improvement to continue producing the best wines we could ever make.

And so from Elciego, in Rioja Alavesa, Bodegas Murua has been working on the evolution of Rioja since the Middle Ages and, especially since 1974 when it was integrated into Masaveu Bodegas, to conquer palates and markets.

The jewel

Pagos de Araiz wines with supreme quality

This winery produces a Reserva, a vigía wine, based on offering the best evolution between tertiary aromas and the wide range of aromas offered by the plots that this winery owns in the Rioja Alavesa. It is a wine, from my point of view, extensive and complicated. It comes from patient viticulture work educated with the environment and with the customs of La Rioja.

Made with Tempranillo, Graciano and Mazuelo and fermentation at a controlled temperature with timely monitoring of maceration. Malolactic fermentation and decanting take place in French and American oak barrels.


Bodegas Leda, located in Tudela de Duero, Valladolid, was initially promoted in 1998 by the prestigious winemaker Mariano García, linked to some of the most important wine projects in Spain. The Masaveu family joined this project in 2009 to subsequently produce wines with a philosophy of organic farming with maximum respect for the vineyard. This winery is the commitment to centuries-old vineyards of the Duero Valley, the search for authenticity, the selection of the richest soils. But, above all, it symbolizes the concept of a “multiterroir” winery that connects the essence of the Tempranillo grape. With the expression of some 20 hectares of vineyards selected from different areas of Castilla y León, resulting in wines of incredible power and personality.

The team at this winery adds knowledge, enthusiasm and work to create the unique Leda wines

Taking advantage of the use of technology and innovation, the Navarrese winery has been making a strong commitment to sustainability with the development of several research projects aimed at respecting and improving the ecosystem that surrounds wine production. Along these lines, Pagos de Araiz coordinates the Oivina project, which proposes the development of a predictive model to fight powdery mildew.


In this winery different wines will be made, but as they point out “always with a common quality that represents all Masaveu Bodegas firms; the constant search for improvement to offer wines of exceptional quality.”
This winery in Navarra maintains the Wineries For Climate Protection seal, which certifies that it is currently an environmentally sustainable winery.

Genuine. Pagos de Araiz wines with supreme quality

Pagos de Araiz Crianza is fundamentally characterized by having a delicate preparation and aging of each variety separately. Made in French or American oak barrels.
After this, the final ‘coupage’ is selected that will go into the bottle, where it rests for several months before going on the market. All varieties come from our farms in Pagos de Araiz. 150 hectares of vineyards, which are on average 20 years old, cultivated on the gentle hills of clayey silt texture with pebbles. The varieties that make up this wine; tempranillo 30%, merlot 30%, syrah 20% and cabernet sauvignon 20%.
It is an easy-drinking wine, with an independent, genuine and daring spirit. Under an undeniable sign of quality that characterizes the wines made by this family. “There is a wine for every moment and a moment for every wine.” Pagos de Araiz wines with supreme quality.

By Ángel Marques Ávila. Journalist

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