The Clunia wineries, the aroma of the penetrating-2nd part

The Clunia wineries, the aroma of the penetrating. We continue this publication in its second part, talking about the wines of this winery.
Project of this winery given five wines, so far. The first to see the light in 2010 were 100% Tempranillo, and 100% Syrah.


 The Clunia wineries: the aroma of the penetrating.- 2nd part

Clunia Tempranillo

The grapes of this Tempranillo come from the “EL GERBAL” farm, 3.55 hectares located at 900 meters altitude.
The vines of this vineyard benefit from the northwest wind that aerates and protects them. They are surrounded by pine forests that share with them calcareous clay soils poor in nutrients that force the roots to look for them in the rocky subsoil.
Clunio Tempranillo h4 wine tasting
This Tempranillo is, therefore, a complex wine that shows a different character from this main variety in Spain.
Its passage through the palate is pleasant, leaving in its long journey the weight of its fruit, together with the softness of its tannins. Round, balanced, harmonious and persistent. It shows great balance and fine tannin, while persistent.
The barrel aging brings complex aromas, perfectly assembled, such as vanilla, cocoa and fresh balsamic notes.

Winemaking Clunia Tempranillo

The manufacturing process of this Tempranillo Clunia begins with an alcoholic fermentation and continues with a maceration phase that lasts about 18 days.
Before the aging phase, the wine ferments malolactically in barrels.
To finish the process, Clunia Tempranillo rests for twelve months in French oak barrels – 80% of the total – and American – the remaining 20% ​​- and refines half a year more in the bottle.
After 12 months of aging in 100% French oak barrels, this wine shows a ruby ​​red color of high layer, in which the aromas of red fruits such as redcurrants, raspberries and cherry cherry, in addition to plums.
This wine is phenomenal with legumes, grilled red meats, cooked, and big game.

Clunia Syrah

Coming from the farm “La Encina”, the strains are planted with north-south orientation, so that leaves and fruit receive sunlight from morning to night.
Surface of soils of clayey composition and rock subsoil that give the Syrah grapes “La Encina” complexity and a certain minerality.
Among the vines, a lonely oak tree that the owners wanted to respect when they planted the vineyard and that has become the symbol of this small vineyard.
Under its branches and among the strains, small deer look for shade in summer.

Wine tasting Clunia Syrah

During the tasting we appreciate an intense, bright ruby ​​red color.
On the nose, it offers complex, delicate and intense notes that leave an elegant bouquet, which despite the great complexity of aromas that this wine presents surprising the nose with the duality of intensity and delicacy that I have detected.
Its immense bouquet offers clear notes of black fruit, blackberry jam and red plum, which combine perfectly with the contribution of vanilla-shaped aging.
Flashes of tobacco leaf, toffee, balsamic touches and surprising floral nuances entwined with memories of black pepper and cocoa, providing the whole set of an original aromatic complexity, able to excite the most demanding nose.

Pairing wine Clunia Syrah

The intensity of the fruit, together with the sweet tannins makes it a pleasant, elegant, smooth, harmonious wine with a persistent aftertaste that helps keep alive the pleasant memory of the manifested sensations.
Its passage through the palate is a true reflection of what is experienced in the nose.
I think it can pair very well with pate, grilled pork, grilled red meats, grilled lamb, small game.

Finca Rincón de Clunia wine. The Clunia wineries: the aroma of the penetrating.

This wine comes from the vineyard, which bears the identity of the same name “EL RINCÓN”. It is a plot of just over two hectares, located at 970 meters of altitude, with sandy clay loam soils, with abundance of limestone rocks through which the roots penetrate.
This special place has a more extreme microclimate, where winters are cold and summers are hot, but with a great thermal amplitude between day and night, with abundance of sun and shortage of rain during the ripening period.
These conditions are excellent for obtaining special wines and with a unique typicality.

Wine tasting Finca Rincón de Clunia.

With a deep cherry red color Burlat, its impressive range of aromas of red and black fruits, such as redcurrants, nectarines, blackberries and cassis, is perfectly combined with the spicy nuances, cocoa, fine roasted, cream and cinnamon, of your stay in cask. Its warm passage through the mouth shows again the intensity of the fruit. Great concentration and finesse, sweet tannins, long and friendly finish. Extremely complex and elegant.

Clunia Malbec wine

It arrived in 2017 with the 2015 vintage from a single vineyard planted on a hillside at around 1,000 meters above sea level.
Extreme climatic conditions due to altitude make this terrain very similar to the best areas of Mendoza for the production of Malbec, except, logically, for the different soil composition.
This similarity convinced the Clunia team to boost the development of this wine, since the special climatic conditions, together with the limestone soils with high presence of sands and clays, allow a slow maturation and help shape its concentration, typicality, and obvious elegance.

Preparation of Clunia Malbec

Blackberries, blueberries, plums are intertwined with the light touch of black pepper, complemented with soft toasted nuances and tofe from wood aging.
The first vintage, 2017, of the CLUNIA ALBILLO highlighted the potential of FINCA BOCIGAS, the only vineyard in Clunia that makes this wine. White wine made from strains of the native variety Albillo, Finca Bocigas is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters. At this point, the extreme weather shapes the fresh and balanced palate aromas.
The thermal amplitude between day and night during the ripening period, allows a slow maturation and perfect aromatic preservation.
Its limestone soils with a high presence of sand and clays help shape its concentration and typicality.

Wine tasting Clunia Malbec

Intense cherry red and deep violet, and aromas of ripe black and red fruits, together with subtle spicy and mineral notes.
It shows elegant and bright greenish yellow color, with golden highlights, and displays fresh aromatic nuances of apricot, pineapple, grapefruit, notes of white flowers and some herbaceous notes. In addition, the subtle aromas of fermentation and aging in barrels give a unique freshness, elegance and complexity.
The Clunia wineries: the aroma of the penetrating.

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