The Malbec grape history and characteristics

The Malbec grape history and characteristics. It has its history and its origin in Bordeaux, although today speak of Malbec is to talk about Argentina. It is also known as Malbec, Côt or Axerrois.

The Malbec grape history and characteristics

Malbec grape

Racimo de uvas Malbec

Until its consolidation in the South American country, the wines made with this grape traveled part of the world from the East to the West.

Already Catherine the Great command in its time to carry these grapes to the Black Sea to Crimea.
This grape is highly valued and appreciated in England.
But where this grape sits and becomes important is in Mendoza (Argentina).
Thus, Malbec names Argentina in the world of wine, and Argentina is the one that gives that touch of elegance and differentiation to the Malbec grape.
Today it is very common to find it in the wines of Australia, New Zealand and the USA, but it is Argentina that has the largest extension of this grape, Mendoza being 86% of the region with the highest production.
This has made this grape have its own denominations of Origin: Malbec Lujan de Cuyo, is the best known.

He has until one day in the calendar the Malbec World Day, the 17 of April.
Malbec wines belong to the so-called “wines of the new world”

What is malbec. The Malbec grape history and characteristics

Its most outstanding feature is its color: dark.
Its aroma is cherry, and in the mouth is soft and sweet.
It offers a burst of fruit, and this feature offers a complexity when wine is aged in new oak.
The wines made with Malbec, accompany very well the red meat, grilled, hard cheeses and pasta.

Malbec in Spain

In Spain its production and use is difficult to find nevertheless we will cite the most “easy” to find:
A.-House Don Angel Malbec: produced and made in Utiel (Valencia)
B.-L’Ame Malbec from the winery Altolandon de Cuenca
C.- Duarton Malbec of the Bodegas and Vineyards Rio Duratón


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