Wine rejuvenates the skin and is used in people’s cosmetics.

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Wine rejuvenates the skin and is used in people’s cosmetics. Administered to the right extent, it improves the state of health and reduces the risk of suffering diseases.

the skin and the grape




Wine rejuvenates the skin and is used in people’s cosmetics.

Use of grapes

The cosmetic industry is being introduced more and more into the world of well-being. In this way, he uses the grapes to create a new concept: wine therapy.
This technique consists of using wine, grapes and everything that surrounds this fruit (vine, shoot, nugget …) to perform cosmetic treatments.
Also processed in the laboratory, they make creams and masks, bath gels, soaps, etc

The wine rejuvenates the skin and is used in food.

Due to polyphenols, wine derivatives are fashionable in cosmetics.
It is said that the molecules of wine have a antioxidant action 50 times greater than vitamin E, and 30 times greater than vitamin C.
The antioxidant action of wine polyphenols is effective against free oxygen radicals (RLO).
These are the causes of both aging and other pathologies that affect the body, including those that affect the cardiovascular system.
That is why wine is a great tool in the fight against aging of the skin: it blends existing wrinkles and provides elasticity, youth and firmness to the skin.
According to the manufacturers of the VID-A product line. The skin is the part that contains the most antioxidants.

Expert Commentary

The experts say that a correct use of the polyphenols derived from the grape prevents the aging of the cells. It hydrates the skin, favors the microcirculation and even tones the muscles, exerting a rejuvenating effect and a feeling of well-being and relaxation

Cosmetic Benefits of Grapes

The different parts of the grape have these benefits:
A.-The fruit: The skin of the grape is very moisturizing, since it possesses a molecule capable of retaining up to a hundred times its volume in water.
B.-The pulp is used in nutritive and moisturizing cosmetic treatments.
C.-Nuggets: small but effective are rich in fatty acids that nourish the skin, help retain water in the tissues and, finally, used whole are a perfect exfoliant.
D.-The skin of the grape: it is a free anti-radical shield. It is actually a source of youth to extract the best weapon against free radicals: polyphenols.



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