Wine and the relationship with celiac

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Wine and the relationship with celiac . What a relationship wine and celiac have. Fortunately none.

It must be said that the celiac disease, which is so widespread today, has always existed, what happened was that it was not known, and its effects were imputed to a multitude of things.

Celiacs are people who do not tolerate gluten from food, and therefore should exercise extreme care in the food they take.

Gluten is mainly in wheat seeds, so everything that is made with wheat flour is prohibited for these people.

Wine and the relationship with celiac

Wine is a drink suitable for celiac. Since its elaboration is based on fermentation of grapes, there is no problem of intolerance. On the contrary, wine is already known, used moderately, helps health.

And we do not distinguish between red wine, or white wine, or rosé wine since they are all perfectly drinkable by celiac people.

Therefore, celiacs should not be afraid to drink wine. From here we encourage you to take this wonderful drink that is obtained from the grapes.

And Sparkling Wines

All the sparkling drinks, cava, cider and champagne are also suitable for celiacs. Remember again that they should be beverages in moderation, as we know the effects that bubbles sometimes produce.

Conclusión Wine and the relationship with celiac

In general wines can be taken by the celiac.

Nevertheless, it is convenient to review and comment that in some warehouses, the barrels were formerly sealed with wheat pasta. And therefore there could be a risk of contamination by wi

Today, this practice is eliminated almost entirely, and especially in the well-known brand wines, which are becoming more sensitized with the repercussions of wine on health.
Therefore, people who have gluten intolerance should not be very worried about this drink, since as we have explained the wine is perfectly admitted by the organisms of these people without risk.

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