white and rosé of Marco Real wineries

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white and rosé of Marco Real wineries, are wines belonging to the Belasco Family, owner of Bodegas Marco Real.
It is one of the families with the most wine tradition in Olite, capital of wine in Navarra.

Pequeñas Producciones name of the wines analyzed here, show their demand, and know how to make unique wines with grapes from a single farm.

white and rosé of Marco Real wineries

This is how the 2017 vintage of Pequeñas Producciones was born, pink and white, wines from the plot, which are the reflection of the work of the winery in the search for exclusivity and the value of the terroir.

Two wines with character and personality that, due to their versatility, are ideal to share at any time during the summer season.

Small Productions wines are the result of the search for the most special plots to produce elegant and modern wines that express the character and uniqueness of each grape.


The team of oenologists of the winery,  has worked with the aim of extracting the particularities of these varieties and discovering the differentiating and exclusive value of the meticulous selection of vineyards.

White wine

Small Productions Chardonnay 2017 show the great personality of this variety, one of the most valued in the world.

He has been in the barrel for three months and, after three more months in the bottle, the result is a pleasant, fresh and balanced wine with aromas of green apple and citrus that harmonizes perfectly with fish, carpaccio and white meats.

Rosé wine. white and rosé of Marco Real wineries

Pequeñas Producciones Rosado 2017. Elaborated with the Garnacha variety, it follows the particular technique of vinification of the Navarra rosé, by means of bleeding.
It is an intense wine in aromas : apricot, grapefruit .

And with a well-balanced acidity that gives it a lot of freshness.

To combine

It is very versatile wine and ideal for summer to accompany with shushi, rice, pasta, seafood, among other options.
Bodegas Marco Real has opted for this concept of elegant and modern wines.

That express the character and uniqueness of each grape.
An oenological bet in times in which differentiation.

Originality and quality wines are demanded at a competitive price and with a very attractive,  and appetizing image for its consumption.

Other wines. white and rosé of Marco Real wineries

Bodegas Marco Real also produces Pequeñas Producciones, mono varietals in reds, with Syrah, Tempranillo and Garnacha varieties.
Familia Belasco owns Bodegas Marco Real and Señorío de Andión, located in Olite. Bodegas Marco Real has developed a solid and modern range of wines under the D.O. Navarra. Both belong to the Belasco Family.
It owns more than 200 hectares of own vineyard located in the Navarrese towns of:
Olite, Santacara, Sansol, Torres del Río and Corella.

article written by Angel Marques de Avila. journalist

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