What wine to choose to pair with fish and seafood

What wine to choose to pair with fish and seafood. Many times when we go out to eat or dine at a restaurant and we want to eat fish or seafood, we have a good idea of ​​what to choose:

What wine to choose to pair with fish and seafood

Traditionally it has always been said that the wine that best accompanies fish or seafood is white wine, but today there are many red wines that, due to their composition and characteristics, can perfectly accompany these raw materials.
However, here we are going to give some white wine guides to accompany these meals.

To accompany the fish

For fish whose preparation is simple and easy to elaborate, such as:

The white or lean fish

Sea bass,
These fish considered white or lean have little fat and lots of water.
For these fish it is best to accompany it with wines made with fruity white wines and very aromatic. These wines are made with albariño grapes  or sauvignon blanc .

The semi-fatty fish

In this case we talk about fish whose composition of gras is between 2% and 6%. The most common are:
Sea bream
For this heavyweight group we recommend using wines with a little more character such as chardonnay wines.

For fatty fish

They are fish with a level of fat between 8 and 15%. Such is the case of:
The sardine
For this group of fish, it is best to use a Chardonnay wine and for those who love to try other sensations, we recommend using wines made with Pinot Noir grapes.

For smoked fish

When we take smoked fish, it is best to accompany them with wines made with Chardonnay grapes. This type of food can also be accompanied by a rosé wine.

Fish in Salsa

For these fish that turn out to have more fat, it is best to take a chardonnay white wine, but for these fish you can also drink a young red wine or crianza.
When we make or take fish that have a butter-based sauce, it is best to use white wines made with Verdejo, Viura and even Chardonnay grapes.
Sometimes we observe that they present fish made with lemon or orange sauces. For these cases, it is best to use white wines made with riesling grapes.

To accompany the Seafood

For these delicacies indisputably the wine that best accompanies is the white wine in any of its modalities. The increasingly frequent use of cava for this meal is not a bad choice either, but as we will see later, we will have to restrict it to certain seafood.
To accompany:
Norway lobster
In these cases the wine must be a chardonnay, because it has a lot of flavor.
To accompany:
The Oysters: in this case the best thing is to accompany it with a cava or a champagne.
To accompany the
River Crabs
In these cases it is best to use wine made with riesling grapes for its degree of acidity.
Special mention deserves the octopus, which admits both white wines such as albariño or ribeiro, as young red wines.

Why use white wines

Both the case of fish and shellfish, the use of white wines has its foundation in that they are wines with great harmony and a large dose of texture which is ideal for this type of food.
But we can not forget that seafood in general have a high component of iodine in their meats which clashes frontally in the mouth with the tannins of the wines.
If we add that the seafood usually has a strong flavor, we must counteract it with a wine that has a certain degree of acidity. Therefore, we recommend using wines made with riesling or Sauvignon blanc grapes.


One last recommendation, with the fish and seafood if we say to use a red wine (the tastes are of each one), try to avoid red wines with a lot of body, since these wines nullify the delicate flavor of these dishes.
Enjoy a good meal based on fish or seafood and hit with the choice of a good wine to accompany it, it can be an awesome pleasure that we remember for a long time.

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