What is the ideal temperature to serve red wine

What is the ideal temperature to serve red wine. The temperature at which we serve a red wine is more important than most people believe.
The temperature of the wine varies depending on the type of wine and the grape with which it is made.
When we drink a red wine, the aromas and flavors that we appreciate will depend largely on the temperature of the wine.

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What is the ideal temperature to serve red wine

Depending on the type of wine we are drinking, the serving temperature will vary.
A temperature that is too high volatilizes the alcohol and prevents us from appreciating the different aromas that the wine presents. Too much temperature accentuates the acidity of the wine.
The higher the serving temperature, the more annoying the alcohol in the wine becomes.
But too cold a temperature is not good either, since it prevents the wine from releasing the aromas that characterize it.
A red wine served very cold takes away its flavor. Cold helps reduce acidity, which is why it is used for white wines.
We have to know that when wine is placed in the mouth, it gains an average of between 3º and 5º in temperature.

Young Wines

Young wines should be served at a temperature between 12º and 15º, to better appreciate their freshness and floral nuances.

Crianza Wine

Aging wines such as the Coto de Hayas Garnacha Centenaria red wine with Campo de Borja Designation of Origin from Aragonese wineries. This type of wine must be served between 16º and 18º, and only for very special vintages, it can be served at 20º.
Due to their aging in barrels, the acidity has decreased and therefore the serving temperature is higher.
For wines aged in barrels for less than 12 months in barrels, the service temperature is between 14º and 17º.

Reserve Wines

In wines aged in barrels for more than 12 months, their service temperature is between 16º and 20º.
Red wines should not be served at room temperature as we have often heard.
We will also have to take care of the temperature in summer. At this time it is best to serve it in an ice bucket, and also put it at a slightly lower temperature since with the passage of time during the meal the wine will gain more degrees.

 temperature to serve red wine





Its preparation

Another very important factor in the temperature at which a red wine should be served is its production process.
The fermentation temperature at which the wine has been made will in turn depend on the type of grape and the degree of alcohol it has.
The fermentation time is not fixed, it is usually about two weeks, but its temperature is, since if it is high, the period will be shortened.


Each wine, depending on the type and its aging, needs a different temperature to be enjoyed in all its expression.
Not all wines can be served at the same temperature. It will depend on:
Type of grape used
Parenting time
Elaboration process
Enjoying a wine depends largely on the temperature recommended for that specific wine.

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