What does VOS and VORS mean in Jerez wines?

What does VOS and VORS mean in Jerez wines?. In the decade of the 80, the market increases with the presence of old wines, mainly in the zone of Jerez.
But since 2000, legislation has been established to classify and identify old wines. The VOS and VORS concepts are created.

VOS and VORS mean in Jerez wines?








What does VOS and VORS mean?

VOS: certifies that the wine has an average age of more than 20 years
VORS: certifies that the wine has a mean age over 30 years
The word VOS comes from the Latin “Vinum Optimum Signatum” (Wine Selected as Optimo) “Sherry very old”
The word VORS comes from “Very Old Rare Sherry” (Wine Selected as Optimal and Exceptional)
This new parameter of qualification, allows to identify the wines that are authentic jewels of the wineries.
Traditionally the enjoyment of these wines was reserved for some privileged, who had access to these relics. Sometimes they were used for entertaining authorities, or personalities visiting Jerez land.
In order to endow these wines with a certification that would allow them to identify their old age and quality, the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin of Jerez-Xeres-Sherry, created in 2000 these two special categories of Sherry with Old Age Qualified.

The certification

It is not granted to a particular brand or warehouse, nor to a specific wine.
A specific game is awarded that is extracted from the corresponding solera, with an average age of the above mentioned parameters.
Both the initials V.O.S. And V.O.R.S. Such as the Latin legend to which these initials correspond, appear in the special strap with which the Regulatory Board distinguishes qualified wines and which must be incorporated into their labeling.
Finally, to say that only 0.2% of the wines made in Jerez, take this stamp, since compliance with the necessary standards is very strict and demanding. VOS and VORS mean in Jerez wines?

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