What does a wine need to be ecological

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What does a wine need to be ecological today? A series of conditions are necessary for a wine to be considered ecological. These conditions affect the land in which the vineyard, the grape, the winemaking and also its conservation are grown.

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What does a wine need to be ecological

Earth. wine to be ecological

The main factor that affects the land where the vineyard is grown is the fertilizer used. The subscription must be:
– Organic: that is, of vegetable origin, such as crushed branches, or of animal origin such as manure.
– No mineral fertilizer: Therefore, you can not use industrial fertilizers, so in use today in our fields.
– Prohibition to burn stubble: to maintain the flora.

Raw Material

It must be an ecological raw material. This is:
– There must be control over the addition of sulphites,
– the grape must be cut at its optimum ripeness point
– hand-picked
– separation of the vintages
The grapes used must be certified as organic.


To correct the acidity of the grape, crystallized tartaric acid of natural origin will be used in a proportion of 2 g / l throughout the entire production process.
The alcoholic fermentation will be carried out with yeasts existing in the must. Selected yeasts can be used that can not be modified in the process.
The use of wines from a deposit in fermentation, or remains of lias from a deposit in which the malolactic fermentation has been carried out, is authorized.

Storage. wine to be ecological

Its use includes all types of deposits used in the wine industry. That is to say:
-stainless steel
-coated hormigone
-cooked stew

Clarification and Stabilization

For the clarification process, clarifiers of natural origin will be used exclusively: gelatin, kaolin fish tail.
Cold techniques may be used, and the addition of gum arabic and citric acid as stabilizers.
Natural tannins extracted from the skin of grape grains can also be used.


It must be done in a glass bottle. Food packaging is also authorized.
The plugs should be made of natural cork, being able to use the mixed plugs, half cork and half agglomerate.
In the case of capsule overcapping capsules, these should be of: aluminum, polyethylene, polystyrene and tin.

Special wines

We refer to the generous, liqueur and generous liqueur wines. In these cases the addition of brandy and wine alcohol is allowed.



All the wines that have been elaborated and certified as organic, must carry in their bottle the label of Ecological

Conclusions. wine to be ecological

In order for a wine to be considered organic, it must comply with European Union regulations on this matter.
Basically we can say that the winery must comply with the ecological regulations throughout the winemaking process. Organic wine does not use chemical products.
There are specific rules for the production of organic wine, which can be found in the Organic Wine Regulation.
We can say that organic wine is a more natural wine

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