Choosing a glass of wine

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Choosing a glass of wine. What a glass of wine to choose and how to hold it to enjoy the wine properly. Not all glasses are for all wines. The shape, width and height determine the type of wine we are going to taste.
Along with the temperature at which we serve the wine, the glass is one of the key factors to be able to taste a wine well.

Choosing a glass of wine

Choosing a glass of wine

The ideal glass to drink a wine is a fundamental aspect when tasting a wine. It depends on fundamental aspects such as smell or taste.
In addition, it must be perfectly clean and contain no residues or residues of any beverage.
The protocol of the wine glass to choose and the way to hold it is not accidental. Each wine has its glass depending on the type of wine and its kind.

What a glass of wine to choose

The cup will go according to the wine we are going to drink. Each type of wine has its own glass to be able to enjoy more intensely the characteristics of each wine.
In general, transparent glass cups with a rounded bottom are used. The upper part must be conical and oriented inwards.
This is recommended so, so that the nuances of wine do not escape.
The cup is filled between a quarter and a third of the capacity of it. In general, this measure coincides with half of the wide part of the cup.

Choosing a glass of wine

The red wines

Large cups are often used to extract all their aromas. If the wine is aged or aging, it is usually used a wide glass and small bottom.
On the contrary, young wines are drunk in glasses with a wide bottom and a narrow mouth.
We must always take care that the wine is in contact with the air in order to easily obtain its own characteristics.

For white wine

In this case we will use a U-shaped cup that better maintains the cool temperature of the wine.
We all know that white wines should be taken at a temperature between 8º and 12º, so the narrower the wine glass, the better it will keep the temperature cold.

Sparkling wines

In the case of sparkling wines, the glasses should be narrow and elongated. This is so that the wine is less in contact with the air, and thus keep the effervescence of the wine better.

How to hold the wine glass

The wine glasses are held by the stem. We must avoid putting your fingers in the cup glass, because that way we will avoid influencing the ideal temperature of the wine.
Usually we will use four fingers of the hand, because it gives more stability to the cup, although it is also usual to see people holding it with three fingers of the hand.
The chalice is the place where the wine that we are going to drink will rest, and the more isolated this is, the better. Therefore, avoid taking the cup by the click of it.
Also, do not hold the cup by the foot part. This is reserved for expert tasters who know the techniques of moving the wine and get its characteristics of sight, smell and smell.


The shape of the glass where we are going to drink the wine, the type of wine we are going to drink and the way we take the glass, will influence the sensations that we will perceive of the wine.

Article written by JJ Duro

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