Vermouth Zecchini 80 years of tradition

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Vermouth Zecchini 80 years of tradition. The Madrid vermouth brand Zecchini has been synonymous with the development and aging of this product since the beginning of the last century, specifically since 1940.
In those years the Vermouth was in Madrid a new arrival from Italy. Today this drink continues to conquer palates, and remains a regular at snack time. Until the fact that the phrase “Let’s have a vermouth” to indicate this Spanish custom has become popular,
It is a true Madrid tradition and it has become popular in almost all of Spain.
Without a doubt, enjoying Madrid means walking through its streets full of history, accompanying a good snack with the best Vermouth.

Vermouth Zecchini 80 years of tradition

A vermouth with Traditional touch

These vermuteros have been making vermouths and other flavored wines for over 80 years. The history of its products goes back to the year 1940, being in the Cuesta Wineries where the famous Vermouth Zecchini was born for the first time.
Its traditional touch has been maintained from one generation to another, although it is true that over the years they have been incorporating a dose of innovation.
In such a way that the control of raw materials has been improved, as well as in the manufacturing process in order to achieve a unique and exclusive quality.
In addition to having to be the oldest vermouth in Madrid, with a recipe that derives from an ancient herbalist and medicinal tradition, which maintains this traditional tradition, but adding to it the development and innovation, and that makes them be holders of A product of exceptional quality.

The family recipe

In addition to its purely familiar nature, this company also has a magical touch, since its recipe comes from an ancient herbalist and medicinal tradition, which is an added value to consider.
Therefore, as Jorge Cuesta, owner of Zecchini, tells us, it is very important to carefully select the raw materials.
Among its wide variety of products, we can find: red vermouth, white vermouth, limited edition vermouth, special bottle vermouth, Zecchini Nero, Zecchini Bianco, vermouth siphon, vermouth gel and tap vermouth.
The latter being its star product, being a vermouth served with the same love with which they make this unique drink.

The vermouth in the kitchen

A recipe proposed by the owner is to try at home is to prepare some pork ribs to reduce the red zecchini vermouth to give this delicious dish a characteristic flavor.
Keep in mind that not only the taste of vermouth is one of the strengths of this family business, the quality and close treatment of its customers is what makes them very special.
And it is that they not only offer their products to wine lovers, but their audience also focuses on hospitality, catering, as well as individuals.

The presence of the Zecchini  vermouth

In addition to that, Zecchini continues to work on its brand presence and that is why its products are present in a wide variety of establishments, as well as national and international fairs, since this product could not miss one to the big drinks appointments and gourmet products
While it is true that its products pass borders beyond Spain, Zecchini has its clear objectives and it is that his dream is to continue making vermouth for another 75 years so that the next generations can continue savoring the Madrid tradition.

Madrid is vermouth. The Zecchini Vermouth 80 years of tradition

If we talk about vermouth we talk about aromatic herbs macerated in white wine and other ingredients that are part of the secret recipes of each processor.
In Madrid, tap and bottle vermouth is made, macerated and aged like good wines, following the most traditional tradition.
But if we talk about vermouth especially we talk about artisanal tradition in a hydroalcoholic mixture that can also include spices and flowers, which result in a range of aromas and flavors both sweet and bitter.

Origin of vermouth

The vermouth was born as a medicinal drink by macerating the wine in wormwood and they say that Hippocrates recommended it to whet the appetite. Its name comes from the German word wermut, which does not mean anything other than wormwood.
Vermouth is the Mediterranean appetizer par excellence and one of the favorite drinks of some famous people like James Bond. They say that Cary Grant drank a cold vermouth cocktail before acting, which was none other than a Dry Martini. Salvador Dalí found inspiration after some vermouths and Hemingway himself had among his favorite cocktails the Panaché made with a mixture of sweet red and dry white.

Vermouth and its preparations

Vermouth Zecchini is the oldest in Madrid, made with a recipe derived from an ancient herbalist and medicinal tradition. Jorge Cuesta, Director and owner tells us his elaborations of Red Vermouth with wine and his secret recipe of aromatic herbs; White with vanilla, white wine, herbs and vanilla; Nero, intense mahogany with bitter orange and notes of grass, cinnamon and caramel; Bianco, floral notes of artemis, vanilla and cloves. Another product made with vermouth is the red vermouth gelée that is made with agar agar that serves as a dressing for salads, pastas, meats …
The bartender Juan Carlos Manzano prepares the best combined with the vermouth as the main ingredient: the Classic Red Vermouth, the Half Combination, a delicious Manhattan or the Old Fashion and Dry Martini classics.
But vermouth can also be used in cooking in the preparation of sauces for meats or fish.

Zecchini vermouth prizes

This quality has been recognized with various national and international awards, such as the Gastro Quality Taste Vermut Zecchini Red Traditional Formula Seal of Quality, or the Certificate recognized by AENOR. Also noteworthy is the Quality seal awarded by the International Taste Institute Of Brussels to the Vermouth Zecchini Red Original Formula.

The red vermouth. 80 Years of the Vermouth Zecchini

This is made with the traditional formula, a white wine base is mixed with a selection of aromatic herbs, such as Artemis, cloves. This combination and maceration of herbs is what gives it its characteristic flavor.
It is fresh, pleasant and harmonious. The taste persists after the tasting, it is pleasant and balanced. Serve very cold, with ice and a slice of orange.

A limited edition.

We are facing the jewel of the Zecchini house since after macerating the Red vermouth for a few months and then resting in a bottle, the limited edition Vermouth is born. Considered a great vermouth and deserving of prizes in large vermouth tastings. When tasting I have noticed that it is a balanced, aromatic, balsamic vermouth.

The Original formula

Red vermouth, made from the best wines and aromatic herbs mix, provides a persistent aroma.
At first glance, it distinguishes a dark, intense and bright mahogany color.
The nose is aromatic, with elegant spicy and balsamic touches. And in the mouth
an intense and easy-going body is detected, very pleasant of entry and long end and a bitterness that balances the botanical and spicy botanicals.

Very balanced Graduation: 15th.

The red bottle Madrid.

In addition to its fresh, pleasant, harmonious content, this beautiful commemorative bottle of Madrid, conveys a persistent flavor after tasting, is pleasant and balanced.
The red vermouth that contains inside, is a mixture of a white wine base with a selection of aromatic herbs, such as Artemis, cloves.
This combination and maceration of herbs is what gives it its characteristic flavor.


It is a vermouth of golden color, and aroma of candied fruit, sweet spices, dried herbs, on the nose and round, sweet, good acidity, spicy, fine bitter, on the palate.


Vermouth Nero

Vermouth of a mahogany color, with aromas of dried herbs, balsamic, sweet spices, toasted. And that in the mouth it is tasty, with a fine touch of bitterness and balanced in all its intensities.
Jorge Cuesta tells me that his vermouths are made from the best wines and mixture of herbs and aromatic plants, provides a persistent aroma.
And he tells us that all his vermouths there that serve them very cold, with ice and a slice of orange.
The nobility of its ingredients and its elaborate elaboration and aging processes make Vermouth Zecchini a perfect drink to let your imagination fly and prepare the most original cocktails. Vermouth Zecchini 80 years of tradition

By Ángel Marqués Ávila. Journalist.

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