Veraison and wine

Veraison and wine. What is veraison in the world of wine and its importance. It is the magical moment when the grape acquires its color and flavor properties that will later produce a quality wine.
In short, it is one of the grape maturation processes. Specifically, it is the process where the grape begins to change color.

Veraison and wine

Veraison and wine

From veraison onwards, the pigment of the grape stops being green, and becomes its final color (violet, yellow, etc.).
It represents the moment of transition in which the grape goes from its moment of growth to its moment of ripening.

When veraison occurs

This process occurs in summer. It marks the start of the counter to proceed with the harvest.
The harvest, depending on the grape varieties, is usually carried out between 45 and 50 days from veraison.
Another factor that determines the harvest in addition to the grape variety is the climate and the land where the grapes are grown. Therefore, the margin of days mentioned is between 45-50 days.

The veraison process

Veraison and wine

As the grape grows, it acquires its morphological and physiological changes, which allow it to acquire sugars, acids, aromas… which are what will make up the structure, flavor and color of the future wine.
These factors are very important to determine the time of harvest.
Currently, the concentration of gluconic acid is monitored as the most important parameter that determines the health of the grapes at the time of ripening.
In the past, farmers would taste the grapes at the right time to determine the parameters of sweetness, acidity, etc.

The other phases of the vine

veraison and wine

Veraison is the phase before the harvest in the vine’s journey.
Previously, the vine went through the phases. The phases of a vine:
Veraison days and tasks
The coloring process for each grain usually lasts 3 days. As not all grains undergo the change at the same time, the normal period of the process is 15-20 days, depending on the soil, climate and environment.
During veraison, farmers aerate and thin the vines to facilitate the exposure of the grapes to the sun.
The vines are cared for more intensely than during another phase, and they are pampered so that the fruits they produce are of the highest quality.


In numerous localities, as with the harvest phase, festivals and events are celebrated at the time of veraison.
These are usually in the month of July.

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