The world and the land of vermouth.-Part 1ª

The world and the land of vermouth. Vermouth is much more than a drink. Define one of the favorite play activities. A social and gastronomic pleasure to enjoy in the bar of a bar of the lifetime, or in the morning of any Sunday with family or friends.
Vermouth is the perfect excuse for a good leisure time and, without a doubt, the king of the aperitif. Proof is that, far from going out of style, it takes more than ever.





The world and the land of vermouth.-Part 1ª

All the Universe of the fashionable drink in a single book

VERMUT (Ed. Dome-Planet); this complete book, by Juan Muñoz Ramos, sommelier, founding president of the Spanish sommelier ACS (Associació Catalana de Sommeliers) and UAES (Union of Spanish Associations of Sommeliers); It is a must for the most veteran vermuteros and for those who begin to get introduced to the vermouth culture.
This renowned sommelier undertakes an exhaustive journey towards its origins, and the rest of its history.
Discover the best vermouths that are currently produced with detailed descriptions, tasting notes and secrets, to enjoy a thousand and one varieties designed to satisfy the most demanding palates.
Taking advantage of the presentation of his new book, we had the following dialogue with him about this classic drink.

The interview about vermouth.

How is 2019 presented in the sector?
A: according to the data and what is seen in the environment, as a good year, and that apparently will grow.
What is the level of acceptance by the Spanish consumer when buying VERMUT OR VERMOUTH?
A: The theme of the word or how it is defined is very diverse. The accented definitions would be lacking. Both one definition and the other come from the same trunk, that is, from the German meaning AMARGO. Or vermouth, or vermouth, that’s indifferent.

What role are the supermarkets and supermarkets playing in the sale of VERMUT O VERMOUTH.

A: The large surface the role that corresponds, having a wide variety, supply and assortment based on a logical and orderly classification to facilitate their consumption and not have them only by brand that does not mean anything.
It has nothing to do with a vermouth of Jerez with the pasted PX and a fragrant boot with a Galician vermouth from Albariño or Mencía. One of Reus with the most mature notes of macabeo, garnacha or similar. Important, classify to be able to offer and sell more and better.

What is the moment you are living in Spain VERMUT O VERMOUTH?

A: As I told you a golden moment. But whenever the vermouth adapts and enters the world of gastronomy in general to accompany dishes, cheeses and desserts.
Do not leave it alone for the appetizer, that would be a mistake. It is something similar to Sherry wines that have finally entered the total gastronomy.

How the foreign market of vermouth is developing

A: for now in clear positive evolution.
Spain has exported two fashions, one from gin and the other from making and drinking vermouth. From California and Oregon to Australia and now South Africa and Japan without forgetting the whole central part of Europe.
What impact is having the sale of VERMUT O VERMOUTH from other countries in the national market, and what to do so that the consumer opts for the national VERMUT OR VERMOUTH?
R: the export or globalization of LA TAPA. It should not scare us as it is an export gate of forms, styles and products, in short of our culture.

What is the difference between VERMUT O VERMOUTH national and that of other countries?

A: currently little, since its development is more depending on a type of grape / wine. It is no longer valid to use the worst wines for vermouth and vinegar, and these two drinks have become sophisticated and are taking their rightful place at the table.
In other countries vermouth is used a lot to accompany cheeses, foie gras and pâtés, desserts, chocolates and similar dishes and also as a mid-afternoon glass, etc., without forgetting the appetizer.
This is how we can maintain this industry and this level of creation and consumption that has come to stay.
The vermouth, bitters, flavored wines and wine derivatives are mostly drinks that are considered as great appetizers, although in their history they were not always like that.

The appellation of origin of vermouth

Much has been written about vermouth, and at the same time enough to understand it; think that the DOC of the famous and original Vermouth di Torino has just been awarded, although we have always described it as one of the two great that have marked a style worldwide, the so-called red and sweet against white and dry French.
Spain has continued in the Italian style, but a little sweeter, until reaching the present, where there are already more than one hundred vermouths with various styles, such as Reus, Galicia and Andalucía-Jerez as the main ones.

Take vermouth and appetizer

Take the vermouth is another thing, as we talk about going out to take a few snacks, mainly canned and cans-nice expression, but sometimes do not take vermouth expressly.
In places like Barcelona, you can drink vermouth or another drink. On the other hand, in Madrid at that time and expression, more vermouth is usually taken.
In one way or another the appearance of new vermouths has enriched what existed until now. The world and the land of the vermouth, have a character more of styles and types, as well as a certain locality, that must never fall into a localism. Otherwise the companies will suffer and we would fall into an impersonal product, which is the opposite of what we have today.

Article written by Ángel Marqués Ávila (journalist)

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