The wine of Ximénez Spínola of Pedro Ximénez grape

The wine of Ximénez Spínola of Pedro Ximénez grape. Is a wine whose origin is situated in Jerez (south of Spain) one of the most important regions of the world in wine production.

The area has a very warm climate, unique in Europe, and ideal for producing the grape Pedro Ximénez .

This grape (Pedro Ximenez), brought in the time of the Emperor Charles I of the Rhine on the Rhine in 1519, settled in Jerez where it has become a world reference, and whose characteristics far from the primitive grapes “Riesling”, ” Weissable “and” Elbling “that gave rise to this grape.

The wine of Ximénez Spínola of Pedro Ximénez grape


The origin of the name is attributed and so is documented to Peter Siemens, the first producer of the grape in Spain, and through a process of transformation of his name, Peter in Peter and Siemens in Ximénez in order to spanishize it, begins production and Commercialization in the year 1729.


At present, the grape has its own denomination “Denominación Varietal Pedro Ximénez”, with the winery Ximénez Spínola being the only one in the world that maintains the family character dedicating exclusively to the Pedro Ximénez grape.
Today the generation that governs the destinies of this great cellar is the ninth (9th), I have not mistaken the 9th, something that could not be achieved were it not for the implication of the initial values in all generations.
It can be said with all rigor that Ximenez Spinola impresses character to the generations that are happening little by little. All pride.

Wines from Ximénez Spínola

Ximénez Spínola products

The most renowned wines of this very large winery are:
A- In wines
– Slow Fermentation
– Exceptional Harvest
– Old Harvest
– Vintage
– Too old

B- Liquors
– Ten Thousand Bottles
– Three Thousand Bottles
– Cigars Club

C- Vinegars
– Sherry Vinegar in Rama

For us if we have to highlight one of its products, our choice would be between the Three Thousand bottles and the Ten Thousand bottles.

All its products are made with 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes
In conclusion, the wines of the winery Ximénez Spínola made with Pedro Ximénez grape, are a guarantee of quality .

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