The products for celiacs: beers and snack

The products for celiacs: beers and snack. On Monday, May 27, the National Celiac Day was celebrated, a date dedicated to giving visibility to a condition that affects nearly 1 million people in Spain.

And, although there are many foods that gluten intolerant can not consume and still many limitations of the current gastronomic offer.

There are more and more brands that, conscious of those affected. Decide to add gluten-free varieties to their products that are suitable for celiacs .

Among them is Nomad Brewing, which includes in its portfolio of Petricor and Hanami craft beers, two varieties with a gluten content lower than 220 ppm (and, therefore, considered ‘Gluten Free’), which makes them suitable for celiacs can enjoy a beer with personality.






The products for celiacs: beers and snack

The secret of the flavor of Nomada Brewing beer

Nothing have to envy these two varieties of gluten-free beer to traditional.  Its handmade manufacturing process and the combination of selected ingredients specially designed to surprise.  Make a celiac can give free rein to his hobby and strongly demystify the idea that gluten-free beer lacks body and flavor.


Hanami, from Nomad Brewing, is a Pale Lager Indian beer, gluten-free, ideal for this time of year.

The cherry blossom and the yuzu provide herbal and citrus aromas of fruit and spices. Latest additions of hops add aromas to lychee and apricot.

Japanese spring blooms on your palate from the first drink. An explosion of fresh flowers that evolve into an elegant bitter, tempered by the spicy notes of shichimi.


Petricor, from Nomad Brewing, is an Indian Pale Ale beer, gluten-free.  It takes its name from “wet earth” because of its characteristic aroma. In the same way that water in spring this beer is what celiacs were waiting for.
Pale beer with white crown and good retention. Aroma of tropical fruit, grapefruit and melon.  Which go to mouth accompanied by a balance of grass, minerals and residual sweet.

About Nomad Brewing Company

Between Vitoria and Sabadell, this geographically dispersed brewing initiative has positioned itself in less than five years as a benchmark in the craft sector of the country.

In spite of lacking own production facilities, their beers are internationally recognized and awarded. They are characterized by innovation, detail and a passion for quality

They have traveled thousands of kilometers and made beers with Stillwater (US), Freigeist Bierkultur (DE) To Ol (DK), Northern Monk (UK), Omnipollo ( SE), Ghost Brewing (DK). Currently, they have a collaboration agreement with Mahou San Miguel.

Independent beer

New Business Unit of Mahou San Miguel where products and innovation proposals related to the development of the beer category are developed.

Its objective is to contribute to foster the beer culture in our country.  And to approach consumers through differential products and experiences that unite mastery and training.

It works as an accelerator of the company and its mission is to universalize the magic of beer.

The leading brands

Mahou San Miguel, is a 100% Spanish family company, leader of the beer sector in our country with a production quota of 34%.

It has 11 breweries – eight in Spain, one in India and two in the US -, four springs and water bottling plants and a team of close to 3,200 professionals.

It has 129 years of history, beginning with the birth of Mahou in 1890 and continuing with the acquisition of San Miguel in 2000, the incorporation of the Canarian brand Reina in 2004, that of Cervezas Alhambra in 2007 and that of Solán de Cabras in 2011.

Has an extensive portfolio of national beers. With pioneering products in its category, and a varied range of international beers and watermarks. Internationalization is one of the strategic axes for its development and is present in more than 70 countries.

The healthiest and gluten free snack

We already know that olives contain 5 antioxidants that your body needs to be healthier and delay aging, that help you sleep better, burn fat, contain iron, copper and potassium, etc. but also, now you can eat them anywhere you want!
With an attractive and refreshing design inspired by the famous trencadís of Gaudí.  La Sota by Grupo Cazorla launches 4 new “Mix” recipes, incorporating new and innovative dressings in the market with ingredients different from the traditional ones such as mushrooms, dried tomatoes or carrot.

But that is not the only novelty. These new recipes are presented in doypack, a versatile, lightweight packaging that allows it to remain “upright”.

New snack container

An innovative product in all senses, as well as a delicious and healthy snack to be able to take care of ourselves and enjoy the olives

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