The best wines to give this Christmas

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The best wines to give this Christmas, do not have to be the most expensive.
The good wines to give as a gift, usually go associated with other types of issues that are not the price: taste, cellar, memories, etc.
Without doubt, if the person we want to give something to is a wine lover, the best we can do to get it right is to give him a bottle of wine.

The best wines to give this Christmas

The reasons for giving were always there. Now that Christmas is approaching, it is a good time to give away wine. But will we be successful with the chosen wine? Will you like the wine we have selected?
Before taking the choice you have to consider, if the wine is for lunch, for dinner, or to celebrate an event.
Some essential considerations for choosing wines to give as gifts and to be fully successful.

Denominations of Origin (DO)

There is no doubt that choosing a wine from a well-known appellation of origin helps enormously to ensure the success of the gift.
Needless to say that in Spain, DO as Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Jerez, Rueda, Somontano, are well known, and some of them of international fame.
This will help to succeed with the gift, since it is very difficult for a wine of these DO not like the general public.

The type of wine

The different types of wine also influence the choice of the wine to be given. Before choosing we should try to know the taste of the person, to know if he wipes more red than white. The female sector tends to taste pink.

The red wine

It is usual to give red wine. This type of wine is the most valued by people who receive a gift of wine, and without being of brands or denominations of origin known, much more.
It is advisable to give it away when they invite us to a meal, or if we know that we are going to take meat in the food.

The white wine

It is usually given when the meals we attend are fish or seafood.
Lately it is usual to give it away when you invite us to a dinner. The reason is very simple. Drinking white wine at night is less heavy than drinking red wine.

The pink wine

It is hardly used as a gift, although there are great rosé wines that deserve all the praise.
In summer time it is easier to give a rosé wine, since this wine is very refreshing.

For the type of grape

If we know the preference of who will receive the gift in terms of the tastes of the wine by the type of grape, we can refine our purchase a little more.
Grapes are usually associated with a specific region or area. This is mainly due to the climate where it is grown and the type of soil where it is produced.
Many wine regions are identified by the grape varieties they grow.

For the breeding

This aspect is closely linked to the amount we want to spend on the gift.
The more months of aging the wine has, the higher its price will be. But it is also true that the greater the parenting the greater the prestige, and the better gift we will make.
A reserve wine will be a higher level than aged wine, and this superior to a young wine.
A good idea can be to give a box of three bottles where a bottle of each type of wine comes.

Special wines (sparkling)

Sometimes the best solution is to give a sparkling wine. Sparkling wines are usually more digestive, and also give us the sensations of bubbles.
Champagne, Cava or sparkling wines, have their highlight in any celebration, and therefore it is a good gift. The choice will depend on the money we want to spend.
Within the sparkling wines, the Italian prosecco wine. A sparkling wine with a fine and very soft bubble, takes more and more of the gift.
Sparkling wines are used in diners and toasts for all kinds of celebrations.


In short, wine is a very good choice as a gift.

With him it is very difficult that we do not succeed, if we put a little attention between the tastes of the person who is going to receive it.
The enormous offer of existing wines in any market, helps a lot in that the election is a success.

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