The best wines to accompany a barbecue

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The best wines to accompany a barbecue.  At the end it’s weekend, you have to enjoy the rest days with your colleagues, family or friends and then you can plan a barbecue on Sunday afternoon and invite everyone to enjoy the company.

You start to fix everything for the perfect moment.  You go to the supermarket to buy everything you need for example meat, tickets, accompaniment, but it takes something … wine to accompany it.


 The best wines to accompany a barbecue.

You want to impress your guests with an excellent wine to pair the barbecue.  But the question is, what is the best wine to accompany a barbecue?.

Do not worry anymore in this article we will tell you and explain what are the best wines for you to accompany. Depending on your barbecue, we will use examples and details for you.

The world of Pairing

Let’s start, the world of pairing is very interesting since you find several ways to combine the perfect food with an exquisite wine.
You can discover flavors and aromas that you did not know before and you can be surprised when discovering the perfect combination as your taste buds enjoy the pleasure of pairing.
Therefore, we must clarify that in the end each one is different and we may like different combinations or tastes.  The important thing is that you find your preferences and share them, since sharing food and moments is giving love to those around us.

Types of Barbecue with their respective  Wines

When making a barbecue we found several options to make them, they are depending on the meats you use to please your guests or your palate.
There are three types of barbecue that depending on their ingredients can be paired with perfection.

First Type

Traditional barbecues, those that we want to please our guests with a high quality of meat. We bought sausages, hamburgers, potatoes and peppers. There are also those barbecues that choose pork or lamb ribs, these are even more elaborated by their meats. Or the typical “American” which is with beef accompanied by some vegetables.
This type of barbecue contains a lot of fat and can be heavy if you do not marry it well.
“It is recommended to pair this type of barbecue with a ripe wine, which takes some months in the barrel to appreciate the sensations on the palate, it can be fruity and fresh, but with body. You will get a good marriage.

Second Type

A more light barbecue, the main ingredients are vegetables or instead of using meat, they use chicken as their main ingredient.
These barbecues are very peculiar, but they are still a good choice of healthy food. Sometimes, when there are several vegan or vegetarian people, these barbecues are your best option.
“It is recommended to pair this type of barbecue light with a light, fresh, slightly fruity wine, but with citrus notes to feel all the sensation in the palate.

With these light wines, it can be a white or pink, even a red but young they are perfect accompaniment for those foods with little fat “.

Third Type

Finally, the third barbecue is when you improvise and find everything accessible in the supermarket. For example, you can find trays of various meats to make your perfect barbecue.
Meats such as sausages, blood sausages, pieces of meat and etc …

And normally you accompany it with a good dressing.  It should not always be the barbecue dressing to have to make a barbecue as such.
“It is recommended to pair this type of barbecue easy to make with a fruity wine.  They are easy to find in the supermarket and perfectly accompany your meals, they are wines with body and acidity and are easy to drink”.


We want to give you some extra tips so that your barbecues are the perfect ones.

Some things that we emphasize is that you determine first the meat,  that will be the main dish to be able to choose the perfect accompaniment along with the drink.

You can vary, you can also choose alternate drinks as a sangria for those who do not drink wine frequently.

And regarding the price, you can find good wines at a good price.

It should not be the most expensive so that the marriage is perfect but neither the cheapest because you will not get your order.

Choose an intermediate wine with the characteristics that we mentioned before.
Enjoy the moment when you are sharing with your loved ones. Especially at the moment of eating and drinking your wine the experience of sensations on your palate.

List of recommended wines

Finally, we give you a list of the most popular wines to match your barbecues and surprise your guests. Which are:
– Batan de Salas Tinto
Borsao Joven Selección
– Enate Tapas
– Valdubón Cosecha
Pirineos  3404

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