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A rainy Sunday and you would actually much rather be at a winery? We at iberoWine can’t take you to Spain or Italy, but perhaps one of the winery films from our list of the best wine films can – including tips on the right wine for the perfect afternoon!

A wine film accompanied by a suitable glass of wine is always a nice idea!







The best wine films for rainy Sundays

What could be nicer than curling up on the sofa with a glass of wine and watching a movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon? We’ll tell you: if it’s a wine film! Then the afternoon is just perfect. And so that you don’t have to search long, we at iberoWine have put together a list of our favorite films about wineries.

1. A walk in the clouds (1995), Alfonso Arau

The oldest wine film on our list takes us to California.
Returning from World War II, soldier Paul Sutton (Keanu Reeves) meets pregnant Victoria Aragón (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón) and spontaneously offers to introduce himself to her strict father as husband and father of the child. The journey takes them to their parents’ winery in Napa Valley, where Paul takes part in the life of the wine growers. As viewers, we get an insight into the management of a plantation at the end of the 1940s and experience how fragile a winery can be.

Our wine tip: A red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes

2. Sideways (2004), Alexander Payne. wine films

This wine film is a delightful comedy that’s also great to watch with friends who aren’t necessarily great wine connoisseurs.
Two friends, failed novelist Miles (Paul Giamatti) and third-rate actor Jack (Thomas Haden Church), embark on a week-long tasting tour of the Pinot Noir wine-growing region of the Santa Ynez Valley. The plan is to toast youth and enjoy the last week of freedom before Jack’s wedding, at least for Jack. Miles, a wine lover, envisions a fine wine journey with tastings, philosophy and golf. The two couldn’t be more different and there are always hilarious scenes, such as when the two are at a wine tasting while Jack is chewing gum, or when Miles refuses to attend a dinner when the other guests are supposed to be drinking Merlot .
Our wine tip: A glass of Abadia del Temple Crianza, a full-bodied Merlot that would even convince Miles

3. A Good Year (2006), Ridley Scott

An absolute classic for all wine film fans.
Ruthless stockbroker Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) moves in a shallow world of quick money, expensive cars and tailored suits. But then he unexpectedly inherits the winery in Provence from his uncle Henry (Albert Finney). The stockbroker travels to France with the idea of ​​turning his inheritance into cash as quickly as possible. However, instead of selling the winery to the highest bidder as planned, Max not only realizes the sentimental value, but also falls head over heels in love with the charming café owner Fanny Chenal (Marion Cotillard) … and everything turns out differently.
Our wine tip: A fruity rosé for that extra bit of summer feeling.

4. The Wine and the Wind (2017), Cédric Klapisch

This charming wine film takes us back to France, this time to Burgundy.
After a long absence, Jean (Pio Marmaï) returns to his parents’ winery. But only a short time later his father dies and he and his siblings (Ana Girardot and François Civil) have to decide whether they want to keep the estate despite the high inheritance tax or sell it. Before the three of them make a decision, however, the grape harvest with the typical wine festival at the end of the successful work is on the agenda. As a spectator, your fingers are itching to spend the next summer as a wine helper in Burgundy.
Our wine tip: An author’s wine, such as the Frore de Carme wine, as a homage to the spirit of innovation.

5. Uncorked (2020), Prentice Penny

The youngest wine film on our list, but one of the most interesting for wine connoisseurs.
Young Elijah (Mamoudou Athie) works at his family’s barbecue restaurant, which he is supposed to take over from his parents (Courtney B. Vance and Niecy Nash). However, he has completely different ideas: he wants to become a master sommelier. Against his father’s will, he takes part in the aptitude test for the Master Sommelier program and passes. In the course of the film we learn a lot about wine and the qualities of a good sommelier together with the aspiring sommelier.
Our wine tip: A Barolo with depth.

6. Summer (2012), Jason films

Last, but definitely not least: this absolutely exciting wine documentary.
This documentary follows four candidates (Ian Cauble, Dustin Wilson, DLynn Proctor and Brian McClintic) on their way to the incredibly difficult Master Sommelier exam. In addition to an insight into the history of wine and the exam, the preparations of the candidates for the exam are shown: wine samples, index cards, internet research, test exams with current master sommeliers, …
An absolute must for anyone who would like to look behind the scenes of the art of the sommelier and get an impression of what it means to have to know every wine in the world, absolutely every wine.
Our wine tip: A selection of different wines and then tasting them blindly. Can you guess them all?

The next rainy Sunday can’t come fast enough with these wine films! Especially not with the right glass of wine.

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