The 10 most original wineries in Spain – Part Two

The 10 most original wineries in Spain, are not always known. In this second part of the article, we continue with the original wineries.

The 10 most original wineries in Spain


At the foot of the Sierra de Cantabria in an idyllic setting is the Ysios winery.
Winery designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava.
Fully integrated into the nature of the area, and as its author defines “the integration between nature and the work”.
Winery created to make delicious wine reservations.
The visit to the winery is almost mandatory if we are in Logroño visiting a wine area.

7.-Bodegas Portia

The strange construction can be found in Gumiel de Izán, Burgos.
Its author, Norman Foster managed to capture the tradition and modernity of its production.
A spectacular architectural project, a symbol of avant-garde and future.
A three-pointed star in the heart of Ribera del Duero.
Light, matter and soul, an icon of the architecture of the world of wine.

The materials

Steel, wood, concrete and glass, its design combines the balance of materials with shapes, from architecture to landscape and from earth to sky. Bodegas Portia, a symbol and a certainty.
Inaugurated in October 2010, its creation is the slow process of materializing an idea, laying foundations for it to be held in the air.
Here arises from the earth what is the shelter, the habitat and the anteroom of the wines that are elaborated in it.
Its impressive aesthetics and architecture combine perfectly with the personality of its wines, modern style, great power, wealth and elegance


Bodega Sommos has a unique and exceptional vineyard in the D.O. Somontano
Specifically in the term of Barbastro (Huesca).

The winery owns 350 hectares divided into 5 farms and has the best planting systems.
The architecture of Sommos stands out for the uniqueness of its shapes and the strength of its steel and glass materials.
It emerges harmonious and surrounded by vineyards, varying the way and its contemplation to the beat of the season.
Sommos stands out for its innovation: developing the vertical pneumatic press, the cartesian ovis-carrying robot or the explorer robot for the movement of barrels.

The grape and the vineyard

The exquisite treatment goal of our raw material.
Our processing ship, with a height of 27 meters, has been designed to be able to use gravity for the movement of:
and wine
In this way, we will avoid the damage caused by the traditional use of pumps.
It owns 355 hectares of vineyard in property that grows in Somontano.
This has given it a predominant role in the youngest appellation of origin with the highest projection in Spain.

9.-Otazu Winery

In a dream landscape, sheltered under the rock of Etxauri, flanked by the mountains of Sarbil and Perdón, and with the river Arga as a natural delimiter, Bodega Otazu has recovered an important piece of its history by retaking the art of making wine.
For centuries, the vineyard has been one of the most important, if not the main, agricultural riches of the Navarrese pre-Pyrenean basins, including the capital of the Kingdom, Pamplona, ​​once an important wine center, where it is estimated that there were up to 2,000 farmers who lived from its cultivation.
In the archive of Navarra, in the part dedicated to kitchen and diet of the court of Carlos III (1411¬1425), the wines of Eriete and Val de Etxauri (now Otazu) appear among the most outstanding.
The Otazu winery is added to this history of wine and vineyard.

The beggining. Most original wineries in Spain

An old cellar, of French style, built in 1840 in the geographical center of the estate, with a capacity in oak barrels of 200,000 liters.
The Otazu winery was a revolution in those days, having separated the winery from the urban area.
One hundred and fifty years later, the existing winery has been remodeled and a new one has been built that communicates with the previous one.

10.- Real Concha Winery.

Of original and revolutionary architecture, was drawn by the engineer Joseph Coogan and the Seville foundry Portilla and White, from sketches attributed to Gustav Eiffel.
This winery was built in honor of Queen Elizabeth II of Spain. After his visit to our wineries in October 1862.
After this visit, the King and Queen Alfonso XII, Don Alfonso XIII and, very recently, the King and Queen of Spain were also received by SSMM: D. Juan Carlos and Mrs. Sofia who visited our company on May 8, 2000.
Inside there are a total of 214 boots full of La Concha amontillado, in which we can see the flags of the 115 countries to which the Gonzalez & Byass wine is exported.

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