That came to take in summer to freshen up.

In summer they fancy cold drinks, and what wine to drink in summer to refresh ourselves. That came to take in summer to freshen up. There is a very varied offer of recommended wines for the summer. Let’s see the characteristics and conditions of the wines that we can drink in summer


That came to take in summer to freshen up

Usually we tend to change our habits, and our customs according to the time of year.

Just as summer clothing is lighter than winter, our food and drink habits tend to be lighter in summer too.

With the wines something similar happens. In summer we drink those that are lighter, softer and come in more easily.

Conditions and temperature

It could be said that in summer you can drink any wine, what influences that we want one more than another is the temperature to which it is.

The temperature conditions the type of wine to drink.

Whites that should be served between 8º and 11º are more likely to be consumed than reds whose serving temperature is between 15º-17º.

The rosés are also a very consumable wine in summer especially in the snacks before meals. Its service temperature is similar to that of whites, between 5º and 9º

Lighter white wines are those that are served at 8º, and those with more body are served at 11º.

In the case of rose.  The lighter ones to 5º and those that have more body to 9º.

This way we will be able to drink wine and refresh ourselves at the same time.

Sangria and Cava

Sangria and cava are also drinks that invite to be consumed in summer.

For its temperature of service, and in the case of the sangria, because it is advised to serve it with much ice.

The degree of alcohol

Another issue that influences our summer habits when it comes to drinking wine is the degree of alcohol they have.

The lower the degree of alcohol they carry, the more likely we are to consume that wine.

This is because, in the summer months, we tend to sweat more, and therefore we feel more uncomfortable.

Alcohol is one of the elements that most influence it. The greater the alcohol, the greater the feeling of heaviness.

For this reason, we are looking for wines whose alcohol content is as low as possible.

In conclusion

Wines can be drank at any time of the year.

What modifies its greater or less consumption in the different times of the year, is its service temperature, and as explained above, depending on the type of wine and its condition and degree of alcohol.


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