The Spanish Caviar Pirinea & Perse

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The Spanish Caviar Pirinea & Perse. Since ancient times, caviar has been attributed healing and invigorating properties. Part of this secret may be in the reserve developed by sturgeons to guarantee the survival of their species for 250 million years, which is the time they have inhabited the planet, says Carlos Cadenas, CEO of Caviar de Riofrío.
In Spain there are three Spanish companies that produce and export high quality caviar. And they warn that many consumers believe they buy Russian products when they are from China.

Spanish Caviar Pirinea & Perse

Fight against fraud.

Laurent Villaeys-Sakalian, director and manager of the Spanish caviar company “Pirinea”, one of the three companies that produces caviar in Spain states that the Spanish caviar is maintained despite being going through a difficult time.l Due to the presence of a lot of cheap Chinese caviar, of doubtful traceability and food safety, bad labeling… etc.
The job of Spanish caviar producers is to teach the consumer what caviar is by explaining. First, the CITES number (describing the sturgeon species used for the preparation of packaged caviar, the country of origin, the date of caviar production) and the advantages of Spanish caviar to know its traceability.


When the sturgeon was declared in danger of extinction years ago, the International Convention on the Protection of Protected Species (CITES), which began to regulate trade to avoid counterfeiting, was essential.
If you know how to read the CITES line, you can distinguish the authentic caviar: it is usually found on the white label of the can or container.
This includes a true description of the product and traceability: code of the species, origin of the product, ISO of the country of origin and year of production, this specialist points us out, who attached this image with explanation included.

How to interpret the CITES code

Source code ISO                                              code of Country of Origin

W: Wild                                                                  CN: Chinese
C: Aquaculture                                                   RU: Russia
IR: Iran
Es: Spain

 NAC / C / ES / 2019 / ES-1200140

Variety of sturgeon
HUS: Spindle spindle (Belugo)
GUE: A c lpenser Gueldenstoedfii (Oset ra)
NAC: Acipens er Nocc orii
STE: A cipenser S lello lus (Sev rugo}
BAE: Acipenser Boerii
TR A: A cipenser Tronsmont anus SCH: Aclpenser Schrencki

China the largest producer of Caviar

Neither Russia nor Iran are the most important producers, it is China. Much of the caviar that is presented as Russian or Iranian has been made in China, Spanish businessmen denounce.
Overexploitation of sturgeon in their natural habitats, such as the Caspian Sea or Lake Baikal, led to the prohibition of their fishing and the production of wild specimen caviar.
With what all the caviar that is consumed in the world comes from fish farms.
But this production change hides a trap, according to Laurent Villaeys-Sakalian, director and manager of caviar “Pirinea”, Chinese caviar is increasingly repackaged by European wholesalers and distributors who know nothing about sturgeon cultivation.

The largest producer of caviar

I say cultivation because extractive sturgeon fishing has been banned since 2008, so all the caviar consumed in the world comes from aquaculture.
Much of the market caviar is produced in China but the label of “Russian or Iranian caviar” is applied and this is the great fraud that must be denounced at all levels to guarantee consumers who pay for an authentic caviar, not a substitute

The quality of caviar

The Spanish caviar, or at least the caviar that we produce in Caviar Pirinea (Caviar PerSé brand) comes 100% from our farms and with certified organic production seals.
We control the entire cycle from the reproduction of sturgeons, the breeding and the elaboration of caviar with impeccable traceability …… .the consumer is receiving our product with confidence and proximity !!!
This manager of Pirinea, thinks that the competition, it is necessary to take it with serenity, but with firmness.
For Laurent, the distribution of this product must be done with distributors specializing in gourmet products or by sending directly with specialized transports in restaurants, gourmet stores, consumers (Not in any way as many are doing “in an amateur plan” without respecting the chain of cold….).

The quality of Spanish Caviar Pirinea & Perse

About what is being done to give CAVIAR ESPAÑOL, a value in quality, this executive of this Spanish caviar company, says that we have to transmit our experience and know how to do more than 30 years of aquaculture.
We are leaders and we want to preserve our position.
Aquaculture is my passion, as well as the more than 90 people who are part of our company !!!

News from El Caviar Español Pirinea & Perse

This company has put these novelties on the market:

A.- Sturgeon Pate with Caviar

With a long expiration date (4 years). This product has a powerful flavor, creamy and creamy texture and easy to spread.
This product is ideal for snacks on toast, montaditos, spikes and also for sauces and mayonnaises. Suitable for any consumer not allergic to fish.
Contains sturgeon meat (35%), cream (milk), egg, olive oil, caviar 5%, fiber, salt, pepper, aromatic herbs Conservation: Temperature between 0º – 4º C Shelf life: 4 years Once opened store in the refrigerator and consume in the next 5 days.

B.-Preserve Sturgeon in Olive oil

Authentic, natural, surprising product, Long shelf life, low salt content and made with sturgeon A. Baerii. With a firm and smooth texture to the palate, it is ideal to accompany salads, entrees, tapas, sandwiches. Ready to consume, without loss.
Sturgeon farming is sustainable and suitable for any consumer not allergic to fish being free of anisakis.

C.- Nacarii Sturgeon Ecological Confited

Sturgeon meat (35%), cream (milk), egg, oil
Olive, 5% caviar, fiber, salt, pepper, herbs.
Long expiration date (4 years), powerful flavor, creamy and creamy texture, easy to spread.
It is ideal for pairing with snacks on toast, montaditos, spikes and also for sauces and mayonnaises.

D.-Ecological Smoked Sturgeon

Few products will surprise you as much as the Pyrinea Ecological smoked sturgeon. Raised in our nurseries located in the foothills of the Pyrenees. It has a unique and characteristic flavor. Once you have gone through the natural smoking process, you get an exceptional product with a wide range of nuances that will not leave you indifferent.

E.-Caviar per Sé Baerli.

Baerli caviar is a balanced and harmonious caviar. With marine flavor in the beginning it intensifies until the end, releasing delicate nuances during the tour. It is very creamy and long on the palate, with a very subtle sea aftertaste.
Its colors range from brown, dark gray, black, exceptionally golden brown and green tones. Its firm, creamy and creamy texture caresses the palate and explodes releasing its aromas and flavors.

F.-Caviar per Sé nacarii

Naccarii caviar has an exclusive complex and elegant flavor. It is initially characterized by its intensity, a penetrating marine flavor that derives in creamy nuances reminiscent of nuts, such as walnuts or fresh almonds, with aftertaste of the oyster’s marine flavor.
Organoleptically speaking, remember the caviars obtained from the extinct wild Ossetra sturgeons.
The color range ranges from dark gray, brown, golden brown, light brown and albino. Its texture is soft and melting, it explodes delicately in the mouth, releasing its amalgam of aromas and flavors. The Spanish Caviar Pirinea & Perse

Article written by ÁNGEL MARQUES ÁVILA. Journalist

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