Red wine removes fats from food

Red wine removes fat from food, a recent study shows. According to a study in Current Biology published in SINC. Fat and astringency are polar opposites of a spectrum of taste sensations. They range from the “oily”, “slippery” or “slippery” of fat, to “dry”, “hard” or “astringent”, of red wine.

Study-Red wine removes fats from food

Scientists in this study, Red wine removes fats from food by the University of Rutgers (USA), evaluated liquids with astringent properties in 80 repetitive consumption.

Or sips, measuring what the perceived sense of astringency was generated.
Their results showed that the intensity curve of the perceived astringency “grows exponentially with each sip, without taking into account the composition or the composition of the drink,” the study concludes. The data varied with each liquid.


In addition, researchers asked volunteers to evaluate their perception of fat and astringency after ingesting alternating greasy meat with multiple sips of wine or water.
“We then found that the feeling of fat was less pronounced after drinking wine than after drinking water.
So we can ensure that astringents affect oral impressions and that their consumption during the meal provides a greater reduction of the feeling of fat than when we eat with water, “says Paul Breslin, co-author of the work

That astringent sensation increased when no greasy foods were eaten and, likewise. The fat sensation grew when no astringent liquids were ingested.
“These observations support the hypothesis that both effects are perceptually opposed and are at different terminations of the sensory spectrum,” Breslin adds.

Conclusión. Red wine removes fats from food

By tests made by scientists, confirm that drinking wine removes fat from food. Which is a big help for our body.
This is great news and reason to rejoice over the studies done.

From these lines we encourage researchers to delve into this aspect. Whose initial results are very beneficial to the wine sector.

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