Quesería Tierras Altas: The taste in pastry bag

The taste in pastry bag.  At Quesería Tierras Altas, they make some cheeses that remind me of the true flavor of the old transhumant herds. That thanks to its vast pastures in sturdy but beautiful landscapes, the harshness of its climate and the inhospitable nature of the place give rise to an authentic cheese.

The taste in pastry bag


Quesería Tierras Altas: The taste in pastry bag

Highlands Cheese Factory

Cheese creams are made in this cheese factory.
Located in the Soria locality of San Pedro Manrique, they hide the pleasure of enjoying the cheese in a different way.
For Inma Herráez Hurtado, manager and alma mater of this company, soriana of adoption since 1999 and Extremadura of origin:
“The cheeses we make are of supreme quality and artisanal, because we do everything by hand. There is not a single machine, there are only the hands to melt and mature the cheeses. ”
La Quesería Tierras Altas, began its journey back in 2012.
Its novelty lies in the presentation of cream cheese pastry sleeves, with utility patent.

They are being very well received in the world of hospitality and catering, as well as by the consumer in general, for their easy handling. The taste in pastry bag


Innovating in a world as traditional as cheese is complicated, says the manager, Inma Herráez.
So we must sharpen the ingenuity, but in Quesería Tierras Altas know that the ingenuity allows you to keep the quality intact and reach tables that others can only dream of.

The company was born only five years ago, when a Valladolid cheese enthusiast, Ignacio Velasco, decided to install the factory in Tierras Altas (Soria-Spain).

To ripen the dairy products and turn them into spreads.

He recently retired and today the witness is held by Inmaculada Herráez, creativity and illusion in its purest form.
Within this innovation we are introducing ourselves, says the person in charge of the Cheese Factory, in the world of food for Jews.

“We are working on kosher cheese”.

” That is, elaborated under the guidelines required by practicing Jews and that suppose, for example, utensils that have never been in contact with the flesh “.

“A rabbi comes for four or five days to supervise the manufacturing process and by the end of the year we can be in seven countries,” says Inmaculada Herráez.
This step we have taken does not mean creating a new brand. It is rather a new seal that we want to give our face creams open new business experiences.
Make our cheeses known to the different communities and adapting to what the current demand.

International Impact

Although demand is scarce at the national level, “outside of Spain we are having great success,” he says.
“For me it is very important because it is opening doors,” he says and adds that also because “the label of ‘produced by Inmaculada Herráez’ will reach other countries.

“With the signing of an Extremaduran cheese shop that fell in love with Tierras Altas and puts its grain of sand in one of the most unpopulated regions of Europe.
“I continue to make the same products with creams and cheese,

” he explains, but I have incorporated a patented and innovative line.

It’s about the sleeves, “just like the pastry makers do, but with cream cheese.”

“Right now it is what is most successful because it is very comfortable for any cover. Save work to those who buy it, “says the cheese maker.
For the time being I have tried the SHEEP CHEESE CREAM WITH BOLETUS EUDULIS, which has pleasantly surprised me.
It has a strong flavor at the beginning but leaves a bitter aftertaste that is pleasant to the palate.

Cheese Creams. The taste in pastry bag

this classic cream, is soft, and great to accompany with honey to be a delicious dessert.

Ideal for mid afternoon take a toast with it to enjoy both its aroma and taste.
And it could not be missing in the land of the Torreznos:
special to taste it as an aperitif, very tasty and in which that soriano touch is appreciated with pleasure.

“The sleeves I sell mostly to distributors, but I also prepare smaller, half pound,” he says. The innkeepers themselves can see their ideas reflected, in addition, with new ingredients.
This is so and tells us that for example in particular from Cádiz.
I call myself a chef to tell me that because of this fashion, bluefin tuna, and if I could prepare a cream with that ingredient, and I said yes, without any problem I did.
They have also asked for me with nuts. “It’s something that is personalized, but always based on my own cheeses.”

In fact, the presentation in pastry bag is patented.
“I do not manufacture under any other brand or for anyone else. It’s a bit like a son, “he says.
Of course, it has left traveler and already has demand in almost all of Spain and in more than ten countries.

The quality

The secret of this success tells us that this in addition to the novel presentation, resides in “the quality of cheese.”

“I do not make cheese creams with 5% product and 95% additives to correct the taste.

Here it is the other way around, take the cheese and the melting salts so that it can be spread, because otherwise it would be impossible.

It does not carry rare preservatives and that gives it quality, “he says.

An advice

There are people who ask me how you can put a good cheese to melt. I answer very easily is that we use the same cheese that is sold whole. We simply take advantage of those that have some small aesthetic defect, for example, a crack. It is a perfect cheese, only it is not attractive to the eye.
There are also those who send us their cheeses so that my hands and that of a person that helps me turn them into delicious creams easy to handle and for all tastes.


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