The pairing for daring palates.

The pairing for daring palates and you can enjoy it. If you are young, modern and foodie, willing to try new experiences. This winter you have an appointment at the LARIOS CAFÉ in Madrid.

For this new experience, the chef NACHO GARCIA, with experience among others JOAQUIN FELIPE or MARTIN BERASATEGUI, has designed (together with the team of LARIOS CAFÉ and ROYAL BLISS).

A combination of 5 dishes and 5 cocktails made with different tonic ROYAL BLISS, prepared by ALEXIS CARDENAS, that will take you along a road full of inexpressible emotions.

pairing for daring palates

The pairing for daring palates.

Beginning of the Expedition

The experience begins by opening the mouth with an APERITIVE, consisting of Idiazábal croquette and pear compote Bao; of bacon and kimchi. To accompany this dish we take a Gin Tonic with LARIOS 150 & ROYAL BLISS CREATIVE Tonic Water Kaffir lime and lime twist that enhances the two appetizers proposed and prepare the palate for the rest of sensations that you are about to experiment with the following dishes .

The next match corresponding to the section of FISH.

It was composed of Tiradito with green curry, pico de gallo and passion fruit gel. To escort this dish we take VODKA VOX & ROYAL BLISS EXPRESSIVE Orange Syrup fruit passion and grapefruit twist.

The different food plates

Next is the time of the PASTA.  Through the Gnochi of roasted pumpkin with Manchego cheese sauce, bacon and rocket shoots.

For this dish, the Cardenas bartender prepared a cocktial composed of gin, LARIOS 12 & ROYAL BLISS YUZU SENSATION BITTER Angostura and orange twist.

With the following plate of PRESA IBÉRICA charcoal with pineapple and ginger chutney. It was the turn of tasting Dominican rum BRUGAL EXTRA AÑEJO & ROYAL BLISS IRREVERENT GINGER ALE Ginger and twist of grapefruit.

The dessert

And to conclude this tour, we arrived at the dessert composed of a creamy with raspberry and apricot with eucalyptus candy.

Here comes the moment of the gin LARIOS ROSÉ & ROYAL BLISS BOHEMIAN BERRY SENSATION Aroma of strawberry and orange twist.

Calm atmosphere enlivened by a duo composed of guitar and singer that offered all kinds of ballads and melodic songs. The room under the baton of Manuel Infantes gives an attentive and fast service. Frankly, there are too many terms because what you have to do is come and experience it yourself.

You will live a frankly unforgettable moment and you will surely repeat it.

By Angel Marques Avila

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