The online snack on these dates is called Amaiketako

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The online snack on these dates is called Amaiketako. AMAIKETAKO, (in Spanish the appetizer), emerged as an online store 3 years ago. It has its first physical point of sale to date in the Madrid Market of SAN MIGUEL.







The online snack on these dates is called Amaiketako.

The San Miguel Market. A historic market

The construction of the San Miguel Market took place between 1913 and 1916 under the signature of the architect Alfonso Dubé y Díez.
This unique construction of the early twentieth century located in the square of the same name, very close to the Plaza Mayor, reopened on May 13, 2009, thus becoming the first gastronomic market in Spain.

Under the format of the center of culinary culture, San Miguel kicked off the creation of a successful model that several markets, spread throughout Spain, have tried to replicate later.
It still retains its original iron structure from the beginning of the 20th century, a characteristic that it shared at the time with the markets of La Cebada and Los Mostenses, which finally succumbed to brick and concrete.

The San Miguel market today


At present, the San Miguel Market is one of the main gastronomic markets at European level, reaching more than 10 million visitors every year.

This gourmet enclosure has been tailored for lovers of good food, it is considered today the gastronomic temple of Madrid.

Inside you can taste top quality products from different parts of the country.

From tapas made with the freshest seafood from the Galician coast, to a wide variety of gourmet cheeses that cover our entire geography.

Without forgetting meats, fruits, vegetables, pastries and endless options spread over more than 20 stalls.

 Premium products

AMAIKETAKO, within its offer, which will be updated depending on the time of the year, you can taste elaborations such as. The “Salad of bonito, anchovies and piparas”, the “Tables of pate, rillettes and foie gras” or their prepared cans , to name a few.
This company is a hallmark of Basque cuisine that goes beyond the purely gastronomic to become a benchmark for different quality products from canned goods to wines, oils, etc.

The quality of his philosophy

That philosophy of betting on the quality of the gourmet product is precisely what led three friends to launch AMAIKETAKO, an online store that concentrates the best products from the sea, farms and orchards in the north.
These three experienced Basques, got down to work to find good raw material: “Before launching the web, we made a selection of canned cornice products,” explains José Vergara Jáuregui, one of those responsible. “Little by little we extended the search to the orchard of Navarra, such as artichokes, peppers or asparagus from Lodosa,” he continues.

The online store

The result, just three months after launching the project, is a complete online store where there are products from the sea, the farm and the garden, yes, but also specialties practically impossible to obtain in Spain, such as cheese from the French designation of origin Ossau Iraty or certain wine references that will arrive for Christmas.
In this company they are clear that they do not want to be simple distributors, but ambassadors of that comforting feeling that everyone who enjoys a burn product of supreme quality has. “We want to transfer that experience that we have always lived and make it available to customers,” explains Jauregui.
It is clear that we are not facing an online gourmet store to use. The catalog of your website is complemented by a very active blog and a selection of simple recipes that help to enhance the value of the products listed therein.

A very special detail

This Christmas trade, has launched The Company Baskets are one of the most appreciated gifts during the Christmas holidays, with a strong implantation in a large number of Spanish companies.
But what should a Christmas Basket have to be a resounding success? The mix between high quality gourmet products and traditional Christmas products is what triumphs the most. This is confirmed by José Vergara Jáuregui, Amaiketako manager.

Custom offers

From Amaiketako confirm that customers have a tendency to customize the baskets and demand excellent service, so this commercial organization devotes great effort to adapt the proposed baskets to the client’s taste.
Offer different options of boxes, shipments in 24/48 hours and everything you need to make the customer and receiver experience of the basket perfect.
Despite the context of savings by companies, AMAIKETAKO remains faithful to its strategy of offering category baskets, where quality is prioritized over quantity. Thus, the forecasts for this year is a 55% growth, surpassing that obtained in 2018.

New products

Artisanal nougat, butter and traditional polvorones, a variety of oils.

New sauces will be added to foie gras, Iberian, cheese, canned, semi-preserved, salty snacks, sauces and other products of the great selection that Amaiketako has been selecting for more than 4 years with great success.

This company continues to focus on electronic commerce and new forms of consumption, which is why it has just launched a new website, with the intention of strengthening and facilitating access for customers to make it easier for them to operate and view their products quickly. and effective, in addition to betting on a design in the Mobile design.
Also, keep betting on the gift card.

A new way, easy and comfortable, that both companies and individuals will have to give Amaiketako, which was a great success during the 2018 campaign.

A new option The online snack on these dates is called Amaiketako.

The gift card is a purchase option, whereby any company or individual can send a gift voucher to the person they want, so that they can make their custom basket.
Thus, the buyer chooses the gift card of the amount he wishes. Enter the recipient’s email and the message you want to send.
And, the recipient receives an email with the instructions and the gift voucher code. The receiver chooses the Amaiketako products he likes best. And he receives the basket in 24/48 hours at the address agreed with the receiver.
This original initiative seeks to personalize each basket and that workers feel unique and special on these dates. As well as making it easier for companies to select and distribute Christmas baskets.
All this from an intuitive platform and very easy to use.

Article written by Ángel Marqués Ávila. Journalist

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