In Seville the quality and seasonal cuisine is called Dmercao

In Seville the quality and seasonal cuisine is called Dmercao. A restaurant that combines the best of Mediterranean cuisine, with the personal touch of chef Jorge Manfred, to fill our palate with sensations.
A kitchen of seasonal products, managed masterfully by its chef.






In Seville the quality and seasonal cuisine is called Dmercao

Variety, diversity and the use of the raw material at every moment of the year have made Dmercao a benchmark of quality and good to do in the difficult world of food in Seville.

The chef Jorge Manfredi

The architect of this culinary revolution in Seville, is called Jorge Manfredi.
Trained at the La Consula school in Malaga, he learns for many years the treatment of raw materials.
This, together with his love for Mediterranean cuisine, has resulted in a chef who dominates and fuses both experiences in a masterly way.
It has the culture of a great gourmet. With each season of the products of the earth, he creates, designs and performs his dishes in the restaurant.
His creativity transmits enthusiasm, freshness and balance in all the dishes he makes every day.
Endorsed by his triumph in Malaga where he has been offering quality food for years, he decides to return to his homeland, with experience and his years of dedication to give the best he has inside.

The kitchen of Dmercao

The restaurant has a “menu” where seasonal products are the protagonists of it.
This is an added difficulty to the daily work of your kitchen. But at the same time it is a great incentive for diners.
The menu varies according to the time of year, to adjust to the products of that time. All are fresh products.
Eating at Dmercao is a pleasure for anyone who likes to enjoy food.
The fact of knowing that you will find different dishes depending on the month in which we find ourselves, is an extra motivation, which is valued very positively by all of us who love the culture of the kitchen.

We could recommend a very long list of dishes, but being a seasonal cuisine will vary the recommendation, from the time we go to eat.

Therefore, we recommend going to eat at Dmercao, at different times of the year, in order to fully appreciate this cuisine.

The tasting menu h4

Dmercao also offers a “tasting menu”. A wonder of flavors like it could not be otherwise.
It must be reserved in advance and with a maximum of 2 people.
Ideal to go to eat in a group.


Location, prices and schedule

The restaurant is on the street
Conde de Barajas, 23 Seville (41002).
You can reserve by telephone (convenient) numbers:
954 389 125 or 619 280 108
For internet lovers you can make the reservation through their website.
In the heart of Seville (Barrio de San Lorenzo). In front of the house where Gustavo Adolfo Becquer was born and very close to the Hermandad del Gran Poder.
Eating at Dmercao as well as being a very pleasant place, with an exquisite treatment by all the staff, has a very tight price.
The average price of eating a la carte (without a drink), is around € 25 per person, sharing the first, which is more than suggestive.


In short, we can eat luxury, for a very affordable price, and with quality products.
If you are in Seville traveling, residing or simply passing, this restaurant must be taken into account when choosing where to eat.
To finish, tell us that on Mondays it closes and in the months of July and August also on Sundays.
Throughout the year, Sunday nights are not open.


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