How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew and not die trying

How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew and not die trying. Sometime has happened to us, or it may happen to us that we want to open a bottle of wine, and we do not have a corkscrew, to be able to do it.
Always this kind of thing happens at the worst moment.  When we are in the company of a loved person, or at the time of an important celebration.
For these uncomfortable situations, we will give some guidelines on how to open the bottle of wine, and thus succeed in this type of mishaps.

Abrimos la botella

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew and not die trying

We search and look for the corkscrew and we can not find it. Do not get nervous, we can do other things.
Alternatives to open the wine bottle

Open the bottle with a knife

To begin, we will say that it is preferable to use a knife with a saw on one of its edges, since this gives us much more grip on the cork.
The procedure is not dangerous, but they agree to have the maximum precautions.
The first thing we will do is stick the knife in the middle of the cork, and even half of it.

We must try, that the knife does not cross the cork, to avoid that chips of cork fall to the wine.

How to do it

Next, we slowly turn the knife clockwise, and note that the knife is picking up the cork.

Once this step is taken, we have the most difficult thing to solve. Now we will notice that the cork rotates slowly with each movement we make.

As the cork rotates together with the knife, we begin to pull up very slowly, and notice that the cork goes out with each movement of ours, both in turn and in force upwards.

We repeat the turns as many times as the cork demands when it comes out of the bottle.

In a few minutes we will have solved our problem, and we can start enjoying our wine.

Open the bottle with a ring and a ballpoint pen

With this shape we are going to build a corkscrew without wanting to.
The screw, it is preferable that it is a ring such as those used to hang lamps or pictures.
Insert the ring on the part of the thread in the center of the cork, as we would with any corkscrew.

Once we have introduced it all, we pass a pen on its cylindrical part, and begin to turn slowly pulling up.
In this way, we will also have solved our problem.

Open the bottle with a screw and hammer

This form could be considered an alternative to the previous one. We simply need a screw, possibly the same length as the cork.
With a screwdriver, we introduce the screw into the cork as usual when we screw something.
When we have the screw inserted in the cork.  With the back of a hammer, we proceed to put the head of the screw in the grooves of the hammer.
With a little leverage, we start the maneuver of pulling up, so that the cork comes out.
We should not have any problem to get the cork out of the bottle, to be able to drink our wine.

Open the bottle with a shoe

Maybe this is the most original and the most skillful way that we need.
If we are in the middle of the field. And we do not have a screw, or a screwdriver, let alone a hammer, all is not lost.
We can always use something, which we always carry, a shoe. How to do it?
We introduce the base of the wine bottle into the shoe in the heel part.
We hit the shoe against a surface, hard as the ground, a wall, a tree, etc.
The force of the impact in each blow, causes the wine to push the small air chamber that always exists between the liquid and the cork.

And this is pushing the cork upwards.

In this way with a little patience. We will have the bottle open and ready to be served and taste the wine inside.


Any of the methods discussed here, requires a bit of patience and care to open a bottle of wine.
Not having a corkscrew at a certain time, it is not a problem to enjoy a glass of wine with friends or family.

article written by J. Simón

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