High quality wines of Madrid.-Second part

High quality wines of Madrid origin. – Second part. We continue in this second part analyzing the high quality wines that are produced in the DO Madrid.





 High quality wines of Madrid origin. – Second Part

Infrastructure of the Tagonius winery

Built in 2000 on the former Justo del Pozo Olmeda winery, Bodega Tagonius was founded in 1860.
We have spacious and modern facilities located in Tielmes de Tajuña, Madrid, with a milling capacity of 900,000 kg and processing of up to one million liters.
Our aging room contains more than 850 barrels of the most prestigious French and American oak wood.
These facilities are being remodeled in order to improve and adapt all the brand’s resources to the image of Tagonius. Respecting the natural processes that cement the winery.

Knowledge of the Tagonius winery

To learn more about this Madrid winery, TAGONIUS, we talked with its Commercial Director, María Girón, about the moment she is experiencing the wines of the Community of Madrid and specifically those of D.O.
A: 2019 is being a very productive year, both nationally and internationally, as we are starting to export again. (There was a change of ownership about 3 years ago)
Sales are also increasing, an average of 30% over the previous year.

What is the level of acceptance by the Spanish consumer of wines from D.O. from Madrid.

A: From my point of view, I believe that the final consumer is increasingly attracted to the world of wine and tries to get closer and meet other not-so-famous denominations of origin.
Tagonius at the brand level that is well known in Madrid, we were the first wineries of the D.O to produce quality wine and the market recognizes us for that.
It was constituted about 20 years ago so the brand is consolidated.
We must bet on drinking the wine where it is or is visited, and we have the potential to meet in a city where all the wineries want to position themselves and make themselves known. It is a city with many inhabitants, but also with many people passing through, with a lot of hospitality, and I think that is a great advantage that we have.

Wines from Madrid and especially your Tagonius.

What role are large stores and supermarkets playing in the sale of
1. The large areas give us visibility to the final consumer and regionally we do have our corner in each large area.
It should be encouraged a little more, we are carrying out actions both from the winery and from the denomination to have more and more prominence at all levels.
Making strength I think we could make a national leap.

What is the moment that the D.O de MADRID wines are living in Spain?

A: Well, as I said before, like many other denominations of origin, there is more and more curiosity about getting to know other wine areas and both in hospitality and other channels a little more interest is perceived than in past times.

What is the difference between the Wines of D.O of Madrid and that of other regions or designations of origin?

As a curious fact, we are the only Denomination of Origin in the world that is named after a capital.
I think that is a point in favor when exporting, everyone knows where Madrid is.
In addition, Madrid has been making wine for many years. We have four subzones. Grapes of totally different and even native varieties are grown, such as the malvar grape, and you can only find it here.

Unique Wines. High quality wines of Madrid origin.

Tagonius Crianza 2016.

Wine made from a careful selection of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo and Merlot grapes.
Ripe grape that preserves a natural acidity that gives it freshness, preferential maceration at 8ºC for 5 days, alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature, 21 days total maceration, malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tank.
Then the wine passes into French and American oak barrels where it matures for 14 months to achieve a balance between fruit and wood, then it is bottled and aged in the bottle.
In the tasting we see its strong, radiant and splendid red color. On the nose, it is very expressive of red fruit, with sensations of light spices and some mineral notes. Its passage through the mouth is medium volume, dim but fresh.
Soft and very wide. And it pairs very well with fish in sauce, cod and tuna stews. Legumes with meats and sausages. Roasts of white meats. Vegetables.

Tagonius Roble 2017

It is a wine that stands out for its bluish tones and its aroma of black and mineral fruits with some floral and balanced tones.
On the nose, it is very penetrating black fruits, licorice and some spicy and sandalwood notes well integrated.
When passing through the mouth, the weight of the tannins is detected, which makes it a long wine with a very high and pleasant stay.
And it is a wine that goes great for grilled or game red meats. Cured cheeses


White Tagonius 2018.

Made with a selection of grapes from our vineyards, of excellent varieties such as Malvar (native white grape of the D.O Madrid), Sauvignon Blanc, and Grain Muscat often in smaller proportion.
At first glance it is clean, bright, straw yellow with metallic nuances.
The nose is intense, complex and elegant, highlights the tones of stone fruits such as peaches and florals (white roses).
In the mouth, it is soft and refreshing, very glyceric and creamy, it stands out for its aromatic complexity and its freshness, leaving a long and elegant aftertaste.
This white is especially suitable for snacks and to accompany dishes based on fish, seafood, pasta, rice and white meat.
Marida with all kinds of smoked, soft cheeses and serrano ham.

Final considerations of high quality wines of Madrid origin.

The production and quality of the Denomination of Origin Vinos de Madrid, which brings together about 50 wineries in the region where 3,200 winegrowers carry out their work, is still strong.

By Ángel Marqués Ávila. Journalist

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