Hacienda Grimón tradition experience

Hacienda Grimón tradition experience. Founded in 1999 by Paco Oliván. Hacienda Grimón is a small family winery.

Located in the Jubera Valley, in the heart of the Rioja Denomination of Origin, on the slopes of Camero Viejo.
The Oliván family has a great tradition and agricultural, viticultural and livestock experience, which they transmit to all their products, giving them a touch of excellence that is the DNA of the company.
Hacienda Grimón tradition experience

article written by Ángel Marqués Avila. Journalist

Hacienda Grimón, tradition and experience.

It came with its own identity.

Hacienda Grimón tradition experienceIn order to obtain the maximum quality of their wines, this winery makes them using only grapes from their own vineyards.
Distributed in 36 hectares located in the terms of Lagunilla de Jubera and Santa Engracia. At an average altitude of 650 meters and distributed in 24 hectares dedicated to the Tempranillo variety, the majority; 3 hectares of Garnacha, another 3 hectares of Graciano grape and 6 hectares of white.
This winery has a way of doing things based on tradition. Without disgusting the latest technology, but always with an ecological conscience, and a commitment to the everyday in what concerns the care of the field.
Their vineyards are not enriched with mineral fertilizers. They continue to use sheep manure properly composted as it was done in the past.

Land treatment

Following this philosophy neither use any type of poison nor herbicides. Substituting these by tilling both mechanical and manual, for which it has specialized personnel.
For plant treatments and following the same line, only powdered sulfur and copper sulfate are used.
These are some of the guidelines that best define the work philosophy. And that they have like aim a reduced production of roughly 5500 kilos of grape by hectare.
Consequently, a higher quality of the fruit, and therefore in the final product, obtaining a wine with Premium quality guarantees.

Own vineyards

Hacienda Grimón tradition experienceTheir wines have been prepared based on the production of their own vineyards.
The harvest is done manually. After a rigorous selection in the own vineyard, the grape moves to the cellar in boxes, where the bunches are selected for the second time before passing to the mechanical destemming.


Once this process is over, the grape-must goes to steel tanks of 15,000 liters capacity. Where alcoholic fermentation takes place, which lasts between nine and twelve days at a controlled temperature never above 29ºC.
After the fermentation, the deposits are discovered and the skins are pressed. For this process, the vertical press is used in all cases.
Each wine from each pressing always returns to its original descubado in order to faithfully maintain the characteristics of each of the estates in the wine.
Once the previous processes are finished, the resulting wine of each farm is kept in its deposit together with its own lees until the malolactic fermentation occurs naturally.


Once all the preparation is finished, it is transferred to 225-liter oak barrels, where after the aging period corresponding to the type of wine, it is bottled.
In this last step it should be noted that in order to maintain all its characteristics.
None of their wines is clarified or stabilized in cold so it is possible that with the passage of time can decant any of its natural components.
That is why they advise to decant it before serving it in the glass.

White breeding 2016

Hacienda Grimón tradition experience

This white is elaborated by Paco Olivan with his grape variety of Viura or older Macabeo from which he obtains a very small production that ages to remember past times when the white wine was one more to be aged in barrel.
To give that touch to wood it has six months of malolactic fermentation in new oak barrels, 50% French and 50% American.
At first glance, a greenish yellow color is detected, with a bright pale color and greenish tones.

Tasting Notes

On the nose there is a faint aroma of toasted oak against a background of fresh fruit, seasoned with a peculiar fragrance of ripe banana that gives the acacia.
Average aromatic intensity: fine aromas, with elegant notes of white fruit and aniseed floral touches.
And when we have it on the palate it offers a fresh entry and has good integrated acidity.
It is an ideal wine to accompany seafood and tapas, although it can be combined well with fish, vegetables, smoked and cheeses.

Desvelo Graciano 2018

This young red, made with Graciano grape variety, with tumultuous fermentation or first fermentation of must without going over 29ºC.
Bleeding to deposit and drained by the weight of the skin of the grape (pomace) throughout the night until pressing.
The result of that bleeding (wine tear) put in new cask to make the second fermentation.
By the wakefulness, hence its commercial name, a magnificent wine is achieved that has a very intense red color with violet notes.

Tasting Notes

The nose shows a high aromatic intensity with spicy and balsamic notes, along with hints of toffee and vanilla and very ripe red fruits.
In the mouth, it is a long and wide while silky wine. With a sweet and pleasant ending.
Graciano wines marry very well with red meats, Iberian meats, sausages or dried fruits and cheeses.

Finca La Oración 2015

From the vineyards of the tempranillo grape variety located on the farm as its name suggests, this wine is born.
After a winter 2014 with normal temperatures and rainfall for the D.O. La Rioja, the year was marked by the high temperatures in spring and summer 2015. By the absence of rain at the most dangerous times for the vineyard.

 Year 2015

As a result of these factors the health status of the vines was very good. There was an average advance of three weeks in the harvest.
As a result, the year 2015 was rated very good in the area with the only drawback of not reaching full maturity.
Therefore, the wines of this vintage are typically Rioja with a little more graduation and a good balance between acidity and maturation.
This wine is the result of the draining of the pomace during the night (tear or essence of the wine). Before pressing and placed in new barrels for the second fermentation (malolactic fermentation)
Pairing with sausages, Red meats with sauce, Roasted pork, Semi-mature cheese.

Crianza 2016

It is the reference wine of this winery for its production and excellent acceptance.
Aged in barrel, the variety with which it is made is one hundred percent tempranillo.
In view, it offers a marked intensity, of intense red color, violet tints and intense tile color.

Tasting Note

On the nose, it gives us some aromas of strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, tobacco, roasted.
On the palate, it shows a friendly, silky entrance, with discrete acidity, smoothness and fineness of tannins …
It goes well with baked lamb, tapas, and sausages.
Also with soft cheeses, cheddar, havarti and not as soft as blue, goat, pasta and rice with flavors of medium intensity, river fish, stews.

Reserve 2014

It is an organic red wine that has spent 24 months in French and American oak barrels.
A modernized classic, with slight changes that give a different “touch” without losing its traditional concept.
Made with 85% Tempranillo grape and 15% Graciano.
The grapes to make this Reserve are harvested manually. In the same vineyard a rigorous selection of bunches is made.
Once the elaboration process is finished, it is transferred and left to settle in French and American oak barrels of 225 liters for 24 months.
It is advisable to decant it before being enjoyed.
It was a year in 2014, quite balanced until the time of the harvest arrived.

The weather

The beginning of the cycle in October began with high temperatures. It was not until mid-November that the first frosts began and the leaves of the vine began to fall to prepare for winter.
Throughout the winter, the rainy season was generous. Water reserves could be secured for the period of vegetative growth.
In the months of March and April there was an increase in temperatures that led to good sprouting of the plant.
The vegetative growth was correct. The sudden rise in temperatures gave way to a fairly rapid flowering. Optimal fruit growth until the harvest time arrived. There were rains that damaged the state of the grape and a drop in production. It’s a good vintage.
The final result that Paco Olivan has obtained is to obtain an elegant, enveloping, fresh and fruity red wine.
It fits very well with roast lamb, sausages, grilled red meats. Hacienda Grimón tradition experience

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