Granxa Pegullal: High Quality Products.

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The Granxa Pegullal and its High Quality Products. In an area of Galicia, specifically in Salceda de Caselas in the province of Pontevedra stands the PEGULLAL PEACE, which was built in the 18th century.

The Pazo

Surrounded by a monumental wall that surrounds the farm. It is chaired by a majestic access gate. Crowned with the coat of arms of the Correa, Mendoza, Quirós, Sarmiento and Sotomayor families.
In addition, this luxury Galician architecture of this time, has a double access staircase that ends in a balustrade sun.

Granxa Pegullal: High Quality Products.

It is worth noting the interior of the farm, which includes a double-chapel chapel, a unique hórreo of almost fourteen meters in length, as well as spectacular, gardens, and fountains that make this monument a worthy monument to visit.


As well as they deserve a tour the lands that surround this Pazo Pegullal, where they cultivate the three products of great quality that make this terroir a very special place.
The vineyards are under the denomination of origin Rías Baixas, one of the wettest and wettest wine regions in Spain.
This Atlantic climate, together with the peculiarities of its grape and its careful preparation, provide this albariño that processes this winery with a characteristic flavor that seduces and envelops you as if it were red.
Both the vineyards and the kiwi and olive groves follow the rules established by the Integrated Production. A system of agrarian production that integrates the resources and the mechanisms of natural production in the activities of the agricultural exploitations, introducing technologies respectful with the environment.


It is an albariño under the mantle of D.O. Rías Baixas, made with one hundred percent grape of this variety, with a 12, 5º alcohol.
At first sight, its attractive straw yellow color with golden tones stands out.
Its fragrance is full of harmony and with a subtle touch of white flowers and honeyed spots.
The entry into the mouth is soft. Its flavor gives a wide character of the elegance of its grape. Tasty and fresh, while complex.
It offers a harmonious pairing with fish, seafood, appetizers, rice, pasta and white meats.
This Albariño surprises for its elegant and fresh taste while complex.


The oil that is made in this Pazo is a “coupage of olive Picual, Arbequina or Arbequina Premium. Three varieties for oil lovers with character.
This Galician oil gives off an aroma that betrays a subtle memory of fresh herbs that quickly gives way to very clear sensations of ripe fruits. With a predominance of banana souvenir accompanied by pear, apple and apricot.
Leaving next to floral notes of chamomile, thyme along with other sweeter and softer reminiscent of cut flowers.
In the mouth it is sweet, smooth and very pleasant. With clear enveloping sensations to ripe fruits, light herbs for a moment. Clear end of nuts such as hazelnut and almond.
In the end it is very light spicy that manifests freshness and balance. With a yield of: 10% (10 kg / l).

KIWIS WITH FLAVOR. High Quality Products.

The kiwis that are grown on this farm are of the Hayward variety. Also called Actinidia Deliciosa, the most cultivated and commercialized variety in the world.
This variety is native to New Zealand, is large in size and tastes fresh and delicious.
It is a great complement for desserts, appetizers, cocktails, salads, sauces and side dishes.
In addition, it is an inexhaustible source of nutrition. A serving of kiwi has all the potassium of a banana, the vitamin C of two oranges and as much fiber as many whole grain cereals
When you try these Kiwis you will not want others because they will remind you of the authentic flavor of the fruit. High Quality Products.

Article written by Angel Marques de Avila, gastronomic journalist.

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