Garmon and San Román two wines with an accent.

Garmon and San Román two wines with an accent. With Garmón Continental the García complete his particular trilogy of wines and wineries in the Douro Valley -Mauro (Tudela de Duero) and San Román (Toro) – with an exciting and exclusive family project based on the vineyard, with tempranillo or red wine fine as the main protagonist, and that will not exceed 80,000 bottles per year.



Garmón and San Román two wines with an accent.


The first vintage, Garmón 2014, comes from a selection of vines, between 40 and 80 years old. Grown in small minifundios of four municipalities located in eastern areas of the Ribera del Duero:

Baños, Tubilla and La Aguilera on the right bank of the river , Moradillo on the left side.

The altitude, between 850 and 1,000 meters. In addition to the freshness and slow maturation in these soils, predominantly clayey-calcareous and gravel, confer nerve, depth and a controlled maturity.

The winery  Maurodos

Built on a plot of 3 ha in the “Pago de la Barca”, in front of the Douro as it passes through Quintanilla de Onésimoy Olivares, Continental Garmón occupies a space of 2,000 square meters distributed in different modular buildings around a large central courtyard.
Cellar is accessed by a windbreak as a glass drawer. The heart of the winery occupies the fermentation area with a capacity for 80,000 kg of grapes in stainless steel tanks of 5,000 to 8,000 kg.

The elaboration of wines

Transfer of the grape by gravity for the start of the fermentation that will develop spontaneously with native yeast.
The average aging period is 16 months, with 100% French oak from different cooperages with 27mm thick staves and from 24 to 36 months of natural drying.
During the elaboration and aging processes, the aim is to obtain aromatic richness, soft and harmonious tannins and a moderate extraction that contributes to outline the style of a complex, harmonious and refined wine. Garmon and San Román two wines with an accent

The identity of the terroir

This winery has several vineyards distributed by the COMMUNITY OF CASTILLA LEÓN, where it obtains its excellent wines.
Very close to Aranda de Duero and dependent on it, LA AGUILERA has six wineries in the denomination of origin and is located in the Vega del Gromejón protected by a small hill.
With a higher density of plantation than the riverine average: 1.8 x 1.5 m., The ripening in the plots of La Aguilera is earlier than in Moradillo, Baños or Tubilla.

The situation of the vineyard

There are 12 tiny minifundios located on hillsides 850 meters above sea level on sandy soils, with limestone and clayey veins in the subsoil, in an area where the pine forests proliferate.
The age of the vineyard is 60 years and the wine that is vinified separately from these payments stands out for its finesse, minerality, verticality and length.
The southernmost of the municipalities where their vineyards are located and also one of the coldest, is located south of Peñafiel and on the border of the provinces of Valladolid and Segovia.

Soil of the vineyard

Surrounded by gravelly land and in a high plateau, MORADILLO has more than 500 hectares of vineyards. The main characteristic of these 40-year-old vidueños, conducted in vase and trellis at densities of 3.5 x 1.5 m., Is their situation in páramos between 900 and 1,000 meters above ground in gravel and gravel.
Elaborations of Moradillo stand out for their opulence, fleshiness, fruity precision and a slightly lower acidity.
The soils are characterized by their high content of limestone in different zones, being others richer in sand with gravel and clay. What in the municipality they call rubial ..

The age of the vineyards

BAÑOS DE VALDEARADOS vineyard is located in the municipal area. Surrounded by soft cornices that lead to páramos 30 to 40 meters above the town, reaching an altitude of 925 meters in the places of Rincón and Lo Tieso.
The vineyards are composed of 17 hawthorns of between 150 and 600 plants each. They are all old vineyards, many centenaries, which are located in different valleys each with different microclimates.
Characterize the age of their strains from 70 to 80 years. Their clayey-calcareous lands, with rock formations and shallow soil, and their narrow plantation frames of 1.5 x 1.5 m. (3,500 vines per ha). It shares high altitude with Moradillo and fragmentation (up to 18 different farms) with La Aguilera and Tubilla.

Grapes used

The grapes from these vineyards benefit from a later maturation and a more extreme continental climate that facilitates the extraction of fresh, complex and fluid wines.

And the last vineyard that brings its grapes to this winery, is the so-called.

TUBILLA DEL LAGO, which is located in this municipality in an extraordinary wine region. Between the Gromejón and Duero rivers, known as “EL JARDÍN DE LA RIBERA”.

It has a continental climate, with very cold winters and very hot summers. The autumn and spring seasons concentrate 80% of rainfall throughout the year.

As for vegetation, pine, oak, oak, poplar and walnut trees abound as tall trees. And shrub plants like rosemary or thyme.

Wines with personality

With the GARMÓN winery, the García family is committed to an ancestral small-scale viticulture. Of old vineyards, little vigorous and native clones, located in higher, cooler and continental riparian zones with a longer ripening cycle and a later harvest.
These factors condition the idiosyncrasy of an elegant and juicy red, with an imposing and refined fruity expression.

Garmón and San Román two wines with an accent, which we should take into account to taste them in the short term.



article written by Ángel Marqués Avila (journalist)

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