Food and wine pairing guide for beginners

We are going to give a guide of food and wine pairings for beginners. It is about those who least know the world of wine, but like to be able to organize meals or dinners with friends, or are simply at a meal and must choose a wine, know the general guidelines, and have a food and wine pairing.

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Food and wine pairing guide for beginners

By Type of Wine

The generous wine (Jerez, Porto, etc): it is taken as an aperitif before meals.
Young red wines: they accompany very well the meats of veal, lamb and bird. The pasta, the vegetables and the paella.
Red wine Crianzas and Reservas: to accompany the stews, the cattle cheats, and the game meats.
White wines: usually taken with fish and seafood. The ham and the soups. They can be taken with white and light meats such as chicken or turkey. We can also take them with cheeses (preferably blue)
The rosé: can be taken as input before eating, and in the tapas. Similarly can be taken with oriental foods, and salads.
The cava and champagne: in any type of food and throughout it, without differentiating the type of food.
Sweet wine: they are always taken in the dessert.

But we must not forget that the pairing of food and wine is not always respected, since for tastes the colors were invented, and there are people who love a certain wine, who always want to accompany the food with that particular wine, whatever.


We will give some considerations once we have talked about the food and wine pairing guide, which should also be taken into account.
a.-Respect the order of wines in the food: starter, 1st course, etc …
b.-We must know the composition of the food (soft or strong), to choose the type of wine.
c.-Never take more than four different types of wine at the same meal
d.-Avoid taking wine with foods like:
because they kill the taste of wine.


The pairing of food and wine depends largely on the type of food, and the characteristic of the food. In the same way we must avoid mixing with the wine a series of foods that kill the taste of it.
We hope that with the explanations given, it will be easier to make a pairing of food and wine, next time.


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