Extra Virgin Oil Oro de Bailen

Extra Virgin Oro de Bailen oil guarantees a spectacular regularity both in the harvest and in its quality, thanks to its olive planting process.

Extra Virgin  Oil Oro de Bailen

The olive

Source and origin of the final product, the olive trees and Oro de Bailen, are planted with the traditional technique of 10 meters x 10 meters.
With an integrated production based on respect for the environment, and the use of pruning residues as organic fertilizer, in this way it is possible to reduce soil erosion and facilitate the permeability of the land.
With a privileged location, it constitutes an authentic natural border between the Meseta and the Guadalquivir Valley. All the trees are found in two estates, Los Juncales, and La Casa del Agua.

The pickup

It is perhaps the most delicate moment and one of the most important in the production of oil.
Therefore, it is recommended and essential that the mill (warehouse), is located as close as possible to the fruit. In our case, the oil mill is located in one of the farms to facilitate the entire collection process.
It takes place between the end of October and the beginning of November once the olive has reached its optimum ripening point.
It is done very early in the morning to prevent the fruit from continuing to ripen as the day goes by. The process is semi-manual, since the fall of the olive is done by vibrating the trunk of the tree with a specific machine, aided by the traditional beating.


Depending on the use we want to give the oil, we can find different types of extra virgin oil. In this way we can obtain a better result from this product, depending on the use we give it in the kitchen.
Degree of acidity, the smell, the flavor of each type of olive that is used in its elaboration, determine the quality of one or another product.

The olive

The most common olives to make oil are: picual, arbequina, cornicabra, hojiblanca, and picudo. They are the most used to make oil, but not the only ones.
In Oro de Bailen the varieties are used: picual and arbequina.

Picual Olive

It is the most abundant variety in Spain and throughout the world. In Spain, its main production areas are in Jaén, Córdoba and Granada.
It is characterized by giving full-bodied oils, with an olive leaf flavor. This oil enjoys great stability and resistance to high temperatures. Fruity and aromatic notes,
It is preferably used for cooking and preserving food.


oliveIt owes its name to the Lleida town of Arbeca. Its cultivation occurs preferably in the regions of Lérida, Tarragona and Alto Aragón.
It gives a sweet oil, with a fruity aroma of apple, almond and banana. In the mouth it is soft.

A lifestyle

As the producers (Galgón 99) of this oil comment, “the really important thing is to teach, at least in a close and readable way, the use of the different types of extra virgin oils that we can find according to their variety”.
Extra virgin olive oil is marking today a lifestyle, due to its nutritional characteristics, which achieves:
Help us control our weight.
High anti-inflammatory power.
Improves digestive function.
Helps prevent cancer.
Lowers blood pressure and promotes cardiovascular function

For all these reasons, the product is unique and highly recommended.

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