Exclusive Green Olive Oils.

Exclusive Green Olive Oils. Green oil, also known as early harvest or first harvest olive oil. It is the juice extracted from the youngest olives, normally green or in veraison, during the months of October and November depending on the area.
We know that food enters through the eyes and this greatly conditions us when judging and evaluating its flavor.
The same occurs with olive oil. Especially when we see it through a transparent container or when serving it on the plate. Its color and texture make it more or less attractive to our eyes. These attributes transmit the first sensations before tasting it.

Green color

This is the case, for example, of unfiltered olive oil, olive juice packaged “on branch” with a cloudy green color that gives it a more authentic and natural appearance.
The last name “green” has to do with its fruity and more intense, aromatic, bitter and spicy flavor. Once the juice is filtered, its moisture remains are removed and it usually presents a more intense and brighter green color.
It is quite an experience of flavor to awaken our senses with this early oil easy to identify due to its bright green color.

Exclusive Green Olive Oils

Health is what matters most

This green olive, gives us notes of freshly cut grass, fig and banana peel, on which the green almond stands out. And the oil that arises from them is corpulent, very balanced, with itching and medium bitterness. Leaves a harmonious sensation of freshness with high persistence.
Olive oil is one of the most important elements of the healthy Mediterranean diet. An incomparable moment of flavor and health that enriches the foods it accompanies.
It is recommended to take it raw so that it does not lose all its organoleptic properties. When cooked at high temperatures it is an extremely sensitive oil. Due to its great potential, it is recommended to use it to guarantee an adequate supply of some important nutrients.

GREEN YO: Footprint of Four generations.

I, green ”is the name given to an oil that is born as the result of a long history of four generations. In which the tradition and olive roots are binding for several of its managers and promoters.
This green oil comes from the olives of the olive trees of its own estate located in the heart of the hills of Úbeda.
The task that the farmers carry out to obtain these juices of the highest quality is a task of caring for the olive grove throughout the year is commendable.
Araceli Blanco Rebull, manager of ACEITES YO VERDE, tells us, who also tells us that when the time comes for early harvesting in October.
The fruit, still green, has to be in the mill before twelve in the morning to avoid high temperatures.

Harvesting and processing.

Afterwards, it is transported to the factory where the milling of the olive is carried out by our factory masters. Within a few hours of being collected, the entire mixing process is controlled so that the stability of the product is adequate.
“Yo, verde” is a gourmet extra virgin olive oil of the Picual variety, harvested early in the month of October. When the fruit presents a state of initial maturity that increases the intensity and freshness of the juice, as well as a high content of natural antioxidants, provitamins, polyphenols and accentuated nutritional contributions.
The sensory profile of this early oil is marked by the bright green of its color and intense fruitiness, perfect to captivate lovers of quality and excellence, says the manager of this oil company located in the town of Úbeda, Jaén.

Claramunt oil to delight

We set ourselves a goal, to pamper our fruit, take care of it, protect it and keep it in optimal conditions, so that when he sends us, transform it into the most precious thing he can give us: olive juice.
Our level of demand, established during the cultivation phase, limits the yield of the olive trees, obtaining fair productions to ensure that each olive has all the necessary elements to obtain said juice, this agronomist, a farmer, passionate about the cultivation of the olive tree, tells us. , its fruit and liquid gold Joaquín Claramunt, owner of ACEITES CLARAMUNT.
This olive mill rooted for more than three generations, who tells me that it was set as a fundamental objective for the future to get one of the best oils in Spain, to pamper the olive, take care of it, protect it and keep it in optimal conditions.

The novelties of olive h4

This passionate about this land of olive trees, has opted, for the diversification of varieties, Frantoio and Koroneki., Apart from those that he already had in his olive grove that were the Arbequina and Picual varieties, with trees over 150 years old.
This passionate about this land of olive trees, has opted, for the diversification of varieties, Frantoio and Koroneki., Apart from those that he already had in his olive grove that were the Arbequina and Picual varieties, with trees over 150 years old.

The love for the earth

ACEITES NOBLEZA DEL SUR, is a mill with a long history. Since 1640 when Miguel Sánchez Sagra started this olive grove, with which the olive tradition of this family springs from all four sides as Lola Sagra, one of the members of the Peñuelas – Sagra family, tells us.
“We have witnessed this exciting work that has been passed down generation after generation, leading us to a new project, which today continues to be a reality, always looking for the quality of liquid gold.”
For her it is very important at this time that we live “highlighting the work of the farmer in making these products.” Of course, adding this oil to us is the result of the work of a human team, which is behind caring for and preserving this olive heritage that “thanks to the hand of man we can enjoy this unique landscape of Jaén”.

The team

“I am like village shops a little bit of everything, Lola Sagra tells us, because in family businesses our job is to help in everything, so we don’t have a specific position as such.”
Our goal is from our own mill, in order to obtain from the olive of our olive trees the great quality that they treasure. Centenarium Premium the greatest exponent that represents us, since each bottle keeps the feeling of a family and its four values.

The joint project Exclusive Green Olive Oils.

Along with the family olive tradition, involved in the care of our family olive fields for more than three generations of workers, we have maintained a bond and commitment.
Overcoming the time and generational barrier, involving ourselves united in the development of a common project:
“Love of the land, commitment, team effort …”
with the aim of improving day by day the way of cultivating using innovative farming practices. They respect the environment to offer a high quality PREMIUM Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
“We are proud to continue working as a team for three generations together.”

By Ángel Marqués Ávila. Journalist.

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