DOMINUS oil “A Mr. Oil” .Part II.

DOMINUS oil “A Mr. Oil”. The main thing for us, says the head of the export department, Francisco Montabes, is to obtain the highest quality and food safety in all the processes that we carry out, from the planting of an olive tree to the exit of each bottle of our mill.
To this end, we collaborate in studies and initiatives aimed at certifying the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all phases of its manufacturing process.





DOMINUS oil “A Mr. Oil”.

Quality, Sustainability and Health

To make an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil, there are two fundamental premises:
a.- have a quality fruit (hence the importance of having an own olive plantation) and
b) perform a respectful extraction process.
Our team, Montabes Vaño points out, carries out extensive previous work to get an olive of the best quality.
For this, we carried out the study of the cultivation soil of our olive grove, the contribution of water and the necessary nutrients, until the time of collection.
In MONVA, we begin the collection when the fruit’s ripeness is still very early (early), to obtain an excellent quality oil and sublime organoleptic profile.
We continue picking our olives until they complete their maturity cycle, when the epidermis of the olive turns black, after having gone through eggplant tones.

Other factors

Quality also involves other intrinsically natural factors, such as the degree of acclimatization of the olive tree to its surroundings, the composition of the soil and the environmental conditions.
The unbeatable location of our olive grove, 600 meters above sea level, in the heart of the most olive-growing province in the world, creates the perfect climatic conditions for the development of the olive.
Goal of continuous improvement of the MONVA Quality management system helps us keep up with our ancestors. Pioneers in the cultivation of the largest (and surely most productive and beneficial) forest ever planted by man: the olive grove of Jaén.
This jienense oil Dominus Early Harvest is one of the most awarded oils internationally and nationally.

consumer warranty

The fundamental mission of the D.O. It is the control of the origin and quality of the oils produced and packaged in the registered entities, in accordance with the quality standard EN45011.
The control processes carried out by the technical team cover all phases of the manufacturing and packaging chain. From soil, pruning, fertilizer and irrigation, to olive harvesting, oil processing, storage in the cellar and packaging.
Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin certifies the origin and quality of our oils, as well as compliance with the requirements established in the Integrated Production Regulation.
Additionally, it guarantees that all oils packaged with their quality marketer are free of chemical residues.
Junta de Andalucía recognized the Sierra Mpage Designation of Origin in November 1995, and the European Union ratified it in 1999.

Dominus Acebuche.

This oil is made with the fruits collected by hand from wild olive trees that grow at 600 meters of altitude on the slopes of the hills of the Cortijo Virgen de los Milagros, in the foothills of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park.
Surrounded by a protected forest mass, which includes aromatic plants such as thyme, savory and rosemary. Our wild olive trees are born spontaneously and develop naturally, in perfect acclimatization to the mountainous environment.
The collection of its fruits is necessarily manual, and is carried out through the careful milking system. The immediate cold extraction of the harvested fruits provides each harvest with around 950 liters of acebuchina oil. Of an extraordinary quality and with a very high content of natural antioxidants.

Oil tasting profile DOMINUS “A Lord Oil“

Deep nose oil with intense green aromas. The secondary aromas express wild nuances that rest on the artichoke, the raw acorn and the tomato plant. Impress its passage in the mouth where bitter and spicy compete in maximum harmony.
The green tones such as almond, wood and rosemary are sealed in perfect balance, remaining in the memory its fresh and long aftertaste.
Powerful, rugged, untamed and at the same time sweet and delicate, a faithful reflection of what wild nature means in its purest form.

Frying with DOMINUS oil “A Mr. Oil”

There is a broad scientific consensus on the health benefits of frying with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Against alternative fats (Sunflower, seeds and other refined oils), it creates a coverage around food. Protects their freshness and prevents them from absorbing oil during the frying process, rather than suffering from heavy digestions. Especially in the Picual variety that is the most stable among all known Extra Virgin Olive Oils.
The best chefs know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil improves the quality of fried foods, the appearance is more attractive, the texture is more crispy and its flavor is more authentic.
Numerous Michelin Star restaurant chefs use this MONTABES Extra Virgin Olive Oil in their kitchen, Arzak, El Cenador de Amos, El Verdero.

The regulations

In Spain, the Quality Standard for Heated Oils and Fats clearly specifies the time at which the oil used in the fryer must be renewed: when the polar compound index reaches a maximum of 25%.
This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has unique chemical qualities, such as the phenolic content (natural antioxidants) greater than 600 ppm. or its percentage of Oleic Acid (Omega 9), of 80%. These features give you an unusual fryer performance.
Consumers and especially restaurants have opted for this product, since it means a monthly saving that represents a significant reduction in cost, since the use of MONTABES in fried foods is 38.44, 15.3% of its expenditure in fryer oil.

This saving adds to the nutritional and gastronomic benefits of your kitchen.

By Ángel Marqués Avila.

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