Do you know funny wine bottle labels and names

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Increasingly, today’s life demands innovation, exclusivity, modernity and a myriad of differentiating concepts. Funny Wine Bottle Labels are no exception and are also part of the world today.
Thus, more and more frequently, we observe the use of modern symbols and names in wines, in contrast to the shields, noble titles, and classic names.
These novelties affect both bottles, labels, flavors, etc.

funny labels

Do you know funny wine bottle labels and names

Funny tags and names.

This is part of the packaging concept, and its influence and importance in the sale of a product, is increasing.
Within the world of marketing, branding (the brand) is essential and that is well known by the wineries.
Everything is part of a strategy, and each element has its importance.

The label

It is the image of wine. The first impression we had when seeing a bottle of wine.
The label should reflect the wine we are going to drink, so when designing a label we must know perfectly what the ethnologist has wanted to convey with wine.
Flavor, color, aroma of the wine are present in the label design.
In short, the label must convey exclusivity.

The packaging

Another current concept that includes several elements: the box, the way to present it, the cap, the corporate colors of each brand / wine, etc.
It is about bringing the world of wine to an audience, which until recently did not feel identified with the wine drink. We are talking about the young world.
For this, we must change the classic image for something that youth continually demands: modernity, updating, innovation, and above all much design.

Kinds of funny stickers.

Color: There are those that are relevant for their striking colors
Shape of the label: irregular in different sizes.
Material used: there are flexible plastic or silicone tags.
From the illustration: from material objects to animals of all kinds, abstract forms, etc.


In summary, the funny labels and names of the wine bottles, have a clear vocation and mission. That of attracting a consumer profile much younger than the existing one, and thus covering a wider spectrum of consumer market.

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