Cibeles a beer from Madrid artesanal. A different beer

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Cibeles a beer from Madrid artesanal.A different beer. Originally was a Phrygian goddess, Cybele, was the goddess of Mother Earth.

She was also considered the personification of the fertile land.

Cibeles a beer from Madrid artesanal.A different beer

The Cibeles beer, located in the Madrid town of Leganés, began its journey 18 years ago, by July 2010, the result of the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs, led by David Castro to which they joined the passion for beer, the business world and the attachment to history, and his love for the people of Madrid, with the aim of offering the market a series of craft beers of high quality and low production volume.

Prior to the start of the company, David had been brewing beer at home for many years, which helped him learn an important part of the trade, and to refine what would become part of their brewing formulas.


This beer from Madrid on all four sides has received in recent years a series of distinctions in its different types of beer, for example its

  • CIBELES TRIGO, won a bronze medal in the contest held in Japan Yokohama (2014).
  • The CIBELES STOUT in the same contest won a SILVER medal.
  • The CIBELES UVA, was GOLD in the same meeting, but in 2015.
    In the box van Rubia, imperial IPA, wheat, Davide and Strong.

The only one that goes without a label is the one we make special for our anniversary.


Cibeles elaborates mainly domestic malts, as well as national, European and American hops, takes advantage of and maximizes the essential product of the Community of Madrid which is its excellent water, the famous one from the mountains of Madrid and Lozoya.

In addition to making its own beer with more than 15 varieties, it designs the logo of its different beers, reaching an annual production of 5,000 hl.

Their beers, carry within the dynamics and youth of this company, which is reflected in its 15 different beer varieties, each different and with its particular audience.

For this brewer one of the fundamental values ​​that it carries in its DNA, is the enormous desire of David, the master brewer, to investigate and learn more about the world of beer, to know how they work in other breweries both large and small, both national as foreigners, as well as always look for the best raw materials and the most innovative in order to get different and surprising beers.

Cibeles Rubia

A very light and refreshing Pale Ale beer with a certain aroma of floral hops, a slight aftertaste of citrus. It is made with different varieties of hops, both national and American, predominantly the lion’s hops and the “cascade” type. Alcoholic degree: 4.5 alc.

Imperial Ipa

With 70 IBUS (units of bitterness) and more than 5 kilos of aromatic hops, it can be defined as the queen of aromas in La Cibeles. Alcohol content: 7

Wheat (Witbeer)

White Belgian style beer with a very dense foam, with a very spicy smell with coriander aroma, light citrus notes, peppery flavor, clove and the bitter orange peel finish. With a low graduation of 4’5º very advisable to mitigate the thirst with an exquisite flavor.

David’s Ale

It is a beer to give free rein to the sense of smell.

We are just opened with an explosion of aromas Caramelo and Toffe.

Very little hoppy, almost sweet. Traces of caramel, raisins and nuts predominate. Contains yeast sedimented by double fermentation in the bottle. 6% Alc.

Strong Ale

This beer is striking because of the mixture of red and very dark amber colors.

A very dense body almost gives the feeling that instead of beer there honey, it is an explosive combination of flavors.

Upon entering the mouth, a sweetness characteristic of the large amount of malt is perceived.

As it progresses it dissolves and gives rise to a sustained bitterness, but not at all astringent.

It has a low carbonation and it is necessary to pour it. 12% Alc.

It is highly recommended to drink these cold beers. Share them with friends and consume them sparingly during this summer.

It is a privilege that should not be overlooked.

article written by Angel Marques de Avila. Journalist

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