Cheeses Ruperto a cheese tradition

Cheeses Ruperto a cheese tradition. This Murcia Cheese Factory whose head Lorena Madrid is in charge of production, with which we dialogue while visiting its facilities, tells us that his family has been dedicating himself to cattle for over 100 years.
His grandfather Ruperto dedicated his whole life to the care and breeding of cattle. Your experience and wisdom is our best heritage.
Three generations dedicated to sheep, learning and improving the techniques of different fields (breeding, feeding, milking, etc.), we decided to change the cattle from Lacaunne for milk cattle. Today we have the latest news and the most innovative facilities for process optimization.
And getting into the matter about the role of the current woman in Spanish business life about whether she is discriminated against or not, she is a farmer and, above all, a cheese lover, who in addition to her vocation has become her profession, responds.

Ruperto cheeses. A woman in a man’s world.

And in family life? What discrimination do they suffer?

LM: The 50% family load is not distributed, and it will take a long time to be. Mothers are still seen mostly to take care of taking children to the doctor if it coincides with working hours, for example.
Fortunately, it is increasingly common to see men participate in a greater percentage of the tasks historically intended for women.
What difficulties have you had on a personal level at work level, what have been your biggest brakes or problems in your professional life for being a woman? Detail them and if you can, give an example.
LM: The difficulties with which I may have found myself fortunately in my organization, I have never perceived that they were due to being a woman, I think I have been very lucky, because I know that this is a reality, but I am not aware of it in first person.

What is a woman leader? What are your references?

A leader is a leader regardless of whether he is male or female. Bosses are detrimental to leaders today. I have had several managers throughout my working life and I can say that most of them
What do you think should be done at the level of the companies themselves, and at the level of legislators to reverse the situation.
LM: Above all, evolve and have mental means to improve things.

What advice would you give young girls so that in their maturity the situation could be reversed?

LM: I do not like to give advice, I think it is very bold, but I would say that the attitude is very important and that it is important to have a positive perception of themselves, so that it does not prevent them from growing and moving forward. If you do not perceive, for example that there is a glass ceiling, it is sure that it is easier to cross it in case you find it. It seems obvious, but the attitude to what happens, influences what happens, this is from someone I admire, Leandro Fernández Macho, who is a great coach that fills you with joy and optimism.

 What is the best professional advice you have received and who came from?

LM: Unfortunately for me, I think I haven’t received many useful tips or at least, I don’t remember them, so they won’t be very good at the moment.
The equality gaps between men and women, when professionals do not have children, are smaller. This implies that women cannot have children to succeed with the current situation. And how should it be changed?
LM: The fact that when professionals decide not to have children for fear of losing that position of equality before men, indicates that there is a long way to go and says that this society is not on the right path.

The change

Change begins by having mental means, as I said before and stop seeing things in a simplistic way. And of course with more protection from the Administration that designs mechanisms to carry out that protection.

A woman who decides to be a mother, would not have to worry about more than that during that period and not have problems during pregnancy because she suffers stress, anxiety … etc.
I also believe that sometimes women do not have children to succeed, but there are also women who do not want to have children of their own accord and it is fine if so.

The salary aspect

Salary gap, glass ceiling, coexistence of male stereotypes in socialization and education … Many problems arise for the business life of women but any solution? What should be the priority?
LM: I have previously referred to the attitude and I will return to this point to answer. Everything is based on my personal opinion, of course. I run away from stereotypes, I don’t like to generalize and I prefer to put solutions to specific problems.
Have you encountered any symptoms that indicate that we are going in the right direction?
LM: Yes, since organizations do not have such a hierarchical structure but tend to be more transversal, I think it is very positive.

 What is the best of your current position?

LM: Having the opportunity to develop a new project, which I feel like a lot.
Among these initiatives, in which he has invaluable help from his father Juan Carlos Madrid, a true entrepreneur of those who are few, he tells us that in 2015 we converted our sheep from meat to milk cattle, and since then We work every day to achieve our goals, trying to control the entire process from start to finish. From the cultivation of livestock feed, to the transformation of the final product for the consumer, offering an exclusive cheese.
We were struck that this small artisanal cheese factory was in the same location as the cattle ranch, and the Madrid family points out that the reason lies in giving a better quality in the final result, controlling everything in the same space.

milk production

On the part of Lorena Madrid, she points out that with our own milk production we manufacture raw sheep’s milk cheese, without subjecting our milk to heat treatments that modify its microbiological activity.
Thanks to the situation of our cheese factory we have the advantage of being able to manufacture our cheese with freshly milked milk that comes directly through a closed duct of the milking machine to our brewing tank.
For us, Lorena Madrid tells us a closed cycle is very important in our production, being able to control animal welfare from the beginning.

With our own production of fodder and cereals we get control of the feeding of our animals.

Animals and hygiene

The animals are the most important, so we have a strict control in the cleaning of the stables, the nursery rooms where we raise our lambs, and in general all the exploitation.
And later he explains with his father, that we make our cheese from freshly milked milk, without subjecting it to any heat treatment.
The process is done in an artisanal way, we make the cheese, not a machine.

We treat the milk with ferments and rennet until the curd is ready, and manually perform the cutting and subsequent molding, pressing (depending on the cheese) and salting. We have three different cold stores for cheese evolution.

An oreo chamber for drying the cheese, a ripening chamber, and a preservation chamber for the cheese once ready.Cheeses Ruperto a cheese tradition

Ruperto Cheese products. Cheeses Ruperto a cheese tradition

 Mature cheese “Grandpa Ruperto” .

In 700-800 grams, 2 and 7 Kilos format. It is a cheese of long maturation, reaching up to 1 year of maturation in the formats of 2 and 7 Kg.

Ruperto bark washed.

In 650 grams format. Characteristic orange bark with fungus smell. Intense and persistent taste in the mouth.

Blue Cheese Ruperto

In 500 gr format. Maturation of 45-60 days. It is a different blue cheese, soft at first, and evolves in the mouth reaching a clean and intense flavor.

Rupeto sheep curl.

In 500 gr format. Short ripening 20-30 days. Smooth and melting taste in the mouth.
And to conclude they give us this phrase: “Tradition is the inheritance left by our ancestors”, which summarizes all the work that an entrepreneurial family has done over many years.Cheeses Ruperto a cheese tradition

By Ángel Marques Ávila. Journalist

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