Caviar a scare and exclusive luxury

Caviar scarce and luxury. Caviar is a rare and exclusive luxury. Today we are going to talk about Caviar de Riofrio that comes from the Industrial piscícola navarra that began its journey in 1956 and extended to its current facilities in Andalusia (Riofrio) in 1963.

Caviar scarce and luxury.

History of Caviar

Thus, with more than 50 years of experience in fish farming, and three facilities, including two of the most important sturgeons in Europe, today they are one of the largest sturgeon aquaculturists in the world, the most important of A. naccarii, and the first with ecological certification for caviar and sturgeon.

In Spain from always and up to the 70s, sturgeons were fished for their meat and roe. Both on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and along the Guadalquivir, the Ebro, the Duero and the Tagus.

These famous rivers of the Iberian Peninsula were traced by sturgeons loaded with roe to reproduce, of the species A. naccarii and A. sturio, and even in some cases the famous Beluga H.huso.

From the 30s to the 60s, the production of Guadalquivir caviar was developed (Acipenser naccarii). Being one of the two European caviars together with the French (Acipenser sturio).

Historically, Iberian caviar was, as in France or Russia, a famous and desired delicacy.
In fact, there was a brand of Iberian caviar that was exported, with great success, even to Russia. Several tons were harvested each year.

During these decades, the overexploitation of this Iberian species for its caviar, as well as the construction of the Alcalá dam in the Guadalquivir, caused its disappearance.
Only some wild specimens of A. naccarii that traced the Po in Italy remained.

The Caviar of Riofrio

Caviar scarce and luxury.

In Spain, and specifically in Andalusia as in all regions of the world where the sturgeon was caught for its caviar, the populations practically disappeared due to the deterioration of its habitat and above all due to its overexploitation.

CAVIAR DE RIOFRÍO after more than 20 years of research and development has managed to dominate the breeding of this native species native to the seas of Southern Europe and its rivers: the Acipenser naccarii.

This company has the largest population in the world, with more than 600 tons of naccarii. What allows it, respecting wild populations, produce a high quality sustainable caviar.
Good things require time, patience and care.

The first thing that differentiates our naccarii caviar from others, says its Production Manager, and biologist Alberto Domezain Fau, is that our females need about 16 years of breeding.
Twice as long as most of the usual market caviar.

To this we must add the conditions in which our sturgeons are raised, because our facilities are located in open natural environments, where the sun, natural air and pure water of the rivers that nourish our pools constitute the base that has allowed to achieve an ecological breeding process.

The result is a European ecological certification, controlled by official organisms and agencies of sustainable development, in all those natural and technical parameters that give these caviars a great purity and security to guarantee the greatest pleasure of the clients.
This philosophy makes it easy to identify those products that have a series of specific characteristics that confer a quality level endorsed by an official agency such as the Junta de Andalucía through the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.


The organic farming logo of the EU offers consumers full guarantees that the origin and quality of food and beverages meet the requirements set out in the EU Organic Agriculture Regulation.

Proof of this is that Cervantes already mentioned the caviar in Don Quixote (1615): “They stretched out on the ground, and, making tablecloths of the herbs, put on them bread, salt, knives, walnuts, slices of cheese, bones of ham. , that if they did not let themselves chew, they did not defend being sucked.

They also put a black delicacy that they say is called caviar and is made from fish eggs, a great wake-up call. ”


It is the first ecological certified caviar in the world, fresh and soft.
With the right point of salt so as not to hide its varied marine nuances and nuts.

A delicate process of elaboration by our experts guarantees the maximum quality of the product.
Having no added preservatives, or having undergone ripening or oxidation processes, it preserves all its delicate nuances of flavor intact.

Both in the primary taste and in its delicate aftertaste. It is the authentic fresh caviar that the Czars ate.
This ecological caviar is available in exclusive glass jars that guarantee optimal conservation. Available in two Classic and Classic categories and Excellsius.


Following the traditional techniques of Iranian preparation, we obtain a caviar with the right point of maturation and salt, soft texture and intense flavor.
This company manages to unite the best qualities of Caspian caviars with the unsurpassed raw material of RIOFRÍO.
It is the traditional caviar is packaged in metal cans with a wide range of formats from 10 g up to 1 kg.


This product has the peculiarity that it is an elaboration of Riofrío Russian Style Caviar, which is based on the purest Russian tradition used since the time of the Tsars and applied by the experts of this company with the right point of salt (Malossol Style) to preserve the purity and quality of the freshest caviar. Caviar scarce and luxury. .
Available in classic metal can format and in two usual categories Classic and Excellsius.


This variety is pure Caviar, which will bring feeling and personality to your creations.
Elaborated for its sprinkled application, it will give an extraordinary and creative touch.
Molinillo with ceramic mechanism 30 g. – Recharge with 30 g.

It also appears in DADOS DE CAVIAR. This technique has been developed by RIOFRIO. Based on a new concept for the world of high catering and cocktails.
After many years of research from its R & D department, it has achieved an optimal result for the market.

Always keeping in mind and respecting the essence of the original product, the authentic Caviar.

Getting a different and exclusive way to take authentic caviar. In cocktail format, shot, skewer or as an ingredient of the best culinary creations.
It comes in a pot with 25 dice with a net weight of 30 g.


Caviar scarce and luxury.

Alberto Domezain Fau, Biologist and Production Director Caviar de Riofrío S.L., tells us:
“that the ecological caviar of his fish farm is the coolest we have”.

It is the type of caviar that was taken in the production areas and we consider that it is our best product.

Although many people have become accustomed to caviar with preservatives, which has much stronger flavors.
He declares that the RIOFRÍO fish farm was the first in the world to obtain the certification for ecological Caviar.

In the world at the moment there are only three certified farms in ecological production of sturgeons and caviar;
the first one that achieved it after many years of preparing it was the Riofrío fish farm. Riofrío Caviar, with its first production of caviar in the year 2000.
The second was the Yesa fish farm, from CAVIAR PIRINEA. Certified in 2008 and with its first production of caviar in 2012.
third and last one for the moment is a fish farm in Canada, which has been certified in 2.017. Caviar scarce and luxury.

For RIOFRÍO it has “taken a great effort to be pioneers in the ecological production of caviar.”
The caviar of this fish farm lives in a spring that springs from the Sierra.
A torrent of natural water, pure and crystal clear. In a natural environment and protected, preserved, respected to achieve an organic production and its European certification.
“Those rare and exclusive eggs were consumed for centuries in traditional salted fish”.

Presentation of caviar. Caviar scarce and luxury.

To present the caviar, it must be served in a deep glass container. This is placed in another container filled half of the snow (broken ice).
The caviar is decorated with watercress and served by sending slices of English bread (even better than brown bread) spread with lightly salted butter, pieces of lemon and finely chopped chives.

It is one of the luxury gourmet products par excellence. The shortage of production, in addition to its tasty flavor, make it a super luxury snack.

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