Blood of Asturias. Cider Fanjul 100% natural

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Blood of Asturias. Cider Fanjul 100% natural. The Celts considered the apple tree as the tree of love. And to the apple as the fruit of luck, which was born from the earth thanks to the wise that rose by its branches and deposited in its fruit.

Blood of Asturias.







Blood of Asturias. Cider Fanjul 100% natural

FANJUL cider is a natural cider one hundred percent. Almost a century ago it is being made by some “countrymen” in the heart of Asturias. Following ancestral work methods and always looking for all the benefits offered by the most modern technologies.

To elaborate this wonderful CIDER ASTURIANA NATURAL FANJUL, traditional cider apples from the Principality of Asturias are used.

The climatology and soil are fundamental for the production of varieties such as Clara, Blanquina, Raxo, De la Riega, Xuanina, Perico, Verdialona, ​​Regona or D Tresali.


In the month of October, apples are at their best ripeness. The weather accompanies and the harvest begins.

When you get closer to this area of ​​Asturias at this time it is appreciated that the whole environment smells like apples and sweet cider. The llagares are already “treading”.

In this region, winter is cold and gives the best natural conditions for the cider to ripen.

Then, the spark of spring, with the espichas, is the prologue of an Asturian summer full of pilgrimages where the air smells of cider and camaraderie.

Control and Quality

Looking for the best conditions of maturation of the fruit and climatological. The harvest begins in the second half of October.

The apples are washed and pressed slowly in pneumatic press at low pressure.

Then the decantation of the possible sediments takes place so that the must passes clean and cold to ferment in the wound.

The necessary ripening time passes, until reaching the optimum moment to be bottled.

This natural cider is dry, moderately acidic and with a slightly unctuous sensation. Fine final astringency, highlighting its freshness and characteristic fruit aroma.

Of aspect it is slightly opaque, as it corresponds to a product that has not been submitted to filtration. Its color is pale yellow with fine green reflections, young.

The alcoholic strength is around 6ºA and the fermentation maintains a small amount of carbon dioxide of natural origin that gives that pleasant sensation of liveliness, especially when pouring.

The expiration and temperature

Natural cider has no expiration date, although as a white wine or young fermented drink, it is preferable that it be consumed during the year after harvest.

After packing, a few days of progressive improvement of the sensorial qualities that will give way to a period of stability will be observed.

More or less long depending on its conservation, resulting in convenient storage avoiding frequent changes in temperature and instead preferably fresh and dry.

The service temperature will be around 12/14 ºC, pouring the cider into a large glass or glass.

It is especially suitable for accompanying appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, patés or in light meats and specialties based on seafood.

Organic natural cider

A part of the cider produced by this company is marketed through certified product channels such as Ecological Agricultural Production.

To endorse this method of production before the consumer, the COPAE (Council of Ecological Agrarian Production of the Principality of Asturias), which certifies as processors of this natural cider with the registration number of producing industries 6 / I.

For its elaboration it uses varieties of traditional apples of cider, Raxo, De la Riega, Verdialona, ​​Regona and D. Tresali.

Cultivated according to the norm of Ecological Agrarian Production.

Natural cider Llagar de Forzana

This natural cider is dry, moderately acidic and with a slightly unctuous sensation and fine final astringency. Highlighting its freshness and characteristic fruit aroma.

Of aspect it is slightly opaque, as it corresponds to a product that has not been subjected to filtration, its pale yellow color with fine green reflections, young.

Ribanora natural cider

The days when October and November play to be the same is the best time to harvest the Regona, Raxao or D. Tresali varieties, obtaining their precious broth with patience, at low pressure. Blood of Asturias.

After a slow maturation, in which the cold plays an important role, it is time to add shine to this special cider. It is ready to accompany the delights of our cuisine.

The RIBANORA natural cider is the result of a great effort in variety selection, Regona, Raxo, D. Tresali. Cultivated in estates arranged on the banks of the Nora River, in the central basin of Asturias, where its name is also elaborated and derived

The optimal time to “step on” the apples with which RIBANORA is made is from the second week of November.

Then the apple is “maya” and it is left in maceration for a few hours and then pressed at low pressure in a pneumatic press and the must is collected.

Its fermentation

A slow fermentation, maturation, racking and a soft filtration at controlled temperature and pressure. They complete the process of making this special natural cider.

With 6ºA it is presented as a light cider for any occasion.

The nose offers a crunchy, fresh and clean apple aroma. It has a straw yellow color with greenish flashes.

Its taste is slightly acidic with an end of mild astringency and a pleasant sensation of natural carbon, its organoleptic qualities.

It is recommended that it be served in a glass of cider or ample glass, at a temperature of around 8ºC. It will allow you to enjoy your best qualities.

Snacks, poultry, light meats, cheeses and especially seafood are the best pairings.

Sweet cider liquor

The tear that the craftsman distills by slow and constant fire. In alliance with the qualities of flavor and aroma provided by the fresh wort of the Raxao, Regona and Durona varieties of Tresali from the pomades.

Reposado also serenely, allows us to enjoy the exceptional qualities of this sweet cider liquor.

In summer the cider is slowly distilled, which will give rise to a liquor of about 58 º A, with which our liqueur is made.

During the harvest juice is added until the alcohol content reaches 25 ªA. We let it rest and mature in the barrel until bottling.

Your alcohol content. Blood of Asturias.

It is a semi sweet spirit, it only contains the sugar of the apple juice that composes it.

The distillate and its generous alcohol content, 25 ºA, make it a full-bodied liqueur, with a warm sensation.

The acidity and the special characteristics of apple varieties highlight a range of sensations very varied and rich.

To better appreciate its qualities it is convenient to take it fresh, not too cold.

Thanks to its alcohol content it has a very long conservation period. Although it is convenient that it is not stored near sources of humidity, light and strange smells.  Blood of Asturias. Cider Fanjul 100% natural

Article written by Ángel Marques de Ávila. journalist

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