Albariño wine from Matarromera wineries

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Albariño wine from Matarromera wineries. Carlos Moro, head of the Matarromera Group, in his daily project to expand his wine sector with new acquisitions, more or less a year ago he launched the firm, Viña Caeira, in the Pontevedra municipality of Salvaterra de Miño.






Albariño wine from Matarromera wineries

“It has taken me six years to be present in the D.O. Rías Baixas and to have a new winery to produce, starting in 2022, the best wines that our wisdom, interest and trajectory allow us, convinced of the greatness of Spanish whites and of the Galicians as has happened in this case”, in the words of the group’s president Carlos Moro.
The Valladolid group has purchased the two companies that controlled the San Clodio winery, which José Luis Cuerda refounded in 2002 in the Orense municipality of Leiro.
This new brand has 2.2 hectares of vineyards in Tea County and another 20 hectares arranged with winegrowers in the area. The vineyard and the work carried out in it are the basis of all the wine projects of this group

The Albariño grape

For a long time now, the Albariño grape has been a great variety that will give us a lot of joy, this outstanding businessman, a supporter of wine and oil, and who never stops having new projects in mind, points out with joy, as a very entrepreneurial person for years.
For Carlos Moro, the decision to choose the Viña Caeira brand has a lot to do with his connection with the land, his attachment to the land and the richness of the granite and limestone sand soil. The intention with Viña Caeira is not only to grow in Spain, but also internationally. Not in vain, the project contemplates making about 150,000 bottles initially and growing, depending on the vineyard, until reaching 250,000 bottles in about four years.

With this movement, this wine group expands even more in Galicia. Matarromera has in its inventory the wines of the Casar de Vide Winery, located in the municipality of Castrelo de Miño, to which San Clodio has recently been added. The latter, located in the heart of the Ribeiro appellation of origin acquired from the heirs of José Luis Cuerda. It is a winery that has been active since the 16th century and has ten hectares in the Avia Valley. The facilities were refounded by the famous Albacete filmmaker in 2002 after choosing Galicia as his new place of residence.


Throughout his long professional life in the world of wine, the vital stimulation that this son, grandson and great-grandson of winegrowers and winemakers has always had has been to take advantage of the varietal potential of the best wine-growing regions of our country. Lover of Galician wines. The existing terroir in this area makes it a true gift for the production of excellent wines of the Albariño variety. This wine is the result of the encounter between a man and an appellation, that of Rías Baixas, in which this winery group works every day. to give meaning to its main objective, to be a “puro Albariño”.

Denomination of Origin

This Galician winery was born with the firm commitment to promoting the Albariño grape, native to the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin. This grape, with Galician as its mother tongue, is crowned as one of the most appreciated and valued varieties in the world. It is not surprising that the company’s motivation is to take superlative care of the farm. Every vine, every vineyard, because they are “our origin and our future.”
This Albariño wine, made with vines located in Salvaterra de Miño, in the Condado do Tea, one of the five subzones protected by the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin.
Finca Pesqueiras is located in the south of the province of Pontevedra, flanked by the Miño and Tea rivers with a vineyard planted with almost 20-year-old vines with a strong oceanic influence.

wine tasting

This Albariño presents itself with a straw yellow color with golden tones, clean and bright. On the nose it gives off a generous and immediate force of its Atlantic freshness. It features citrus notes of lime, fruity notes of green apple and apricot. A tempting tropical tone of passion fruit combined with a menthol and fennel vegetal background gives it consistency and weight.
In the mouth it is an even wine with a maritime character, with well-rounded acidity and salinity. With a good, extensive center of the mouth, where well-formed fruit and vegetable notes stand out.
Like a good Albariño, it pairs very well with seafood and fish.

By Ángel Marques Ávila. Journalist

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